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Nov 27, 2007
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Hi folks, below is a short section from my book.........

The massive buck rabbit snorted and shook his head. Nial had rubbed him down and now massaged one of his front paws.
“Don’t take any risks, Sertov.”
The rabbit laughed.
“I am going to try and goad a wolf pack to chase me, and you want me not to take any risks? Think about it, Nial, just for a second.”
Nial did and grinned in spite of his fear. Sertov was the biggest and strongest rabbit in the tribe. A fox wouldn’t consider trying to take him down by itself, but wolves were different. Even Sertov would stand much of a chance against a wolf. The rabbit sensed Nial’s worries.
“Do not concern yourself too much, Nial. I don’t intend to become wolf food. I know my business I just hope those two on the Sender know theirs.”
He jerked his head toward where the two tribesmen were busy checking the sighting of the weapon.
Nial nodded.
“They do, big one, they do. Strength to you Sertov.”
He gave the rabbit a slap. The bowmen moved back from point one and Sertov hopped out into the open to try and tempt some wolves.

The pack leader couldn’t believe what his eyes told him. A rabbit was snuffling around the base of a tree within running distance of where he now lay, a big one too. Once caught it would fill his belly and then some. The pack had remained mostly silent, concealed in the dense darkness of the wood a short distance from the where the fires were. The leader had slunk forward to gauge the defensive position, and the time to make a full on attack was nearing. The leader understood that the fires needed fuel and that fuel would eventually run out. When the fires died, they would rip into the rabbits and take their fill. Now that seemed to be happening and the leader had been in the process of readying his pack when he had noticed this lone rabbit. Was it mad? Did it not know the danger it was in? The wolf didn’t care. It was prey. It was as simple as that.
The wolf crept forward on his belly keeping to the shadows cast by the trees. His eyes widened in silent surprise as the rabbit cocked up one leg and pissed a stream of steaming urine against the trunk of the tree. He held his position and studied the rabbit some more. This was very odd. The rabbit was behaving very strangely. Pangs of caution plucked at the wolf’s mind, breaking the instinctive drive to hunt.
This rabbit was all wrong. It was a trap, it had to be. The wolf grinned silently to himself as he congratulated himself on his own cunning. This rabbit had been sent to lure him forward so the fire arrows would fly at him once more. The ruse had failed. Or had it? Unbeknown to the pack leader his mate had been following him. His concentration on the rabbit had taken his attention, and he had not detected her until it was too late. She growled as she shot forward from behind his hiding place. Hunger spurred her on. The rabbit heard her, growled and sprang forward, running away fast, toward the fires. The pack leader leapt up and tried to catch his mate, but she had a good head start and he was loathe to run after her. He knew that the rabbit was leading her into a trap. He trailed behind and barked at her to return, but she made no reply. He heard a thump that stopped him dead in his tracks and then almost instantly there came a pitiful yelp. He ran forward again, insensitive to any danger to himself. He emerged from the trees into the glade and there lying amongst the dead leaves was his mate. A large arrow was jutting from her chest. Blood seeped from her body to mingle with the loamy forest floor. He stopped. His head low and ears back as he growled. A figure stepped forward from the perimeter. The darkness had hidden their nature but now in the light the wolf saw that they were men, they were small but they looked just like the ‘two legs’ that had hunted him and had tried to kill him once. The figure was dressed in black and had a mane of white. It smelled as if it was female. It glared at him with tiny fierce eyes and as it held his gaze, it shouted at him. The wolf didn’t understand what it said, but he knew what that sound told him. If he continued in this pursuit then more of his pack would die. He growled some more, a deep menacing growl that bespoke of violence and fury. His mate was lying dead at his feet and these creatures had killed her. He kept his eyes focused on the one who shouted at him as he lowered his head and sniffed the arrow that protruded from his mate. It stank of their scent. He pulled his lips back and snapped at the figure in black. Life was everything to him. A true creature of the wild, without a viable pack he would be nothing. He would not risk any more of his own against these creatures. He glared at the figure and at the formation of rabbits and the small two legs that ran with them. He turned and was gone.

Sertov had done his job well. A wolf lay dead and with luck, the arrow could be retrieved. Nial looked at Rodwin and Liftock.

“What now?” he asked.

It was Liftock who answered him.

“Now we pack up and ride hard.”

Rodwin grunted his agreement. It seemed the tribe would live to fight another day, but what that day might bring Nial didn’t want to contemplate.


Not my normal preference, JED, but it hooked me anyway when it moved to the wolf's perspective, enough to wonder about the other characters and how they had been/would be developed. Has the book been published? Either way, if the title isn't/isn't going to be "Wolf vs Rabbit", drop it in here, and good luck!
Right...saw the link the first time, but am occasionally too dense to play "connect the dots"! It looks interesting...back after I read the first 2 chapters!
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