Does anyone else think the latter 2 Rigante books would make excellent movies?


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Jan 28, 2005
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Hi guys, I dont know how many of you have seen Peter Jackson's LOTR movies, but personally I found them to be quite lacking. Dont get me wrong, I think Jackson did a great job, much better than expected, but IMO LOTR just fits far better as a book. Now Ravenheart and Stormrider on the other hand I think would do far better. Gemmel just seems talented when it comes to creating insanely powerful scenes (The boxing match, Jaim's death, various battle scenes- especially the end). It also seems to me that reading in North America is far less popular than in the UK. I dont think this is due to people being less intelligent, simply that the majority of the books they make you read in high school arent very enthralling. However if the works of someone as talented as Gemmel were properly portrayed, it would give non-readers (or just non-fantasy readers) an incentive to try books other than Harry Potter and Tolkien. NOT that I at all dislike tolkien, simply that different people like different types of writing and it would be nice to have a well-known alternative for non readers to get started on.
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The Rigante books would make excellent movies. By the way I added the spoiler warning, we would not want people to find out that Jaim dies would we. :)
derae said:
i think the first 2 rigante books would do far better

Really, how come?

I never actually read midnight falcon, always seems to be out at the library :mad:
While I did enjoy Sword in the Storm immensely, it just doesnt seem as good a candidate for the big screen. I think Ravenheart would be great because it brings up how governments can lie to people in order to please them, (ex. teaching the younger generation connavar stood for "Conn of Vars"and thus making them believe the rigante's greatest hero was their own) I think this is an especially important moral for our American friends :rolleyes:
I think most of Gemmells books would make good films, the characters are quite black & white and the storied are dark heroic fantasy.

Just.......can you imagine Druss or Waylander with an American offence to the US but :rolleyes:
Haha, being a north american I probably could.:D
What accent do you think would suit them best?
Druss always seemed stoutly Scottish to me, and Waylander reeks of being one of those quiet soft spoken Englishmen...

In my mind anyway, everyone 'hears' them according to their own imagination.
Part of me says I would like to see a Gemmell film, but the side that is correct tells me, there must never be a Gemmell film. For me it would cheapen it. I mean i dont cry at funerals or when babies are born, or ever really, but damn Gemmell if he doesnt bring tears to my eyes! I know a Movie could never do that for me.But if they did I say Liam Neison as Jaim :)
Tsujigiri said:
Druss always seemed stoutly Scottish to me, and Waylander reeks of being one of those quiet soft spoken Englishmen...

In my mind anyway, everyone 'hears' them according to their own imagination.

I think it has to be the "aye laddie" which makes everyone think he is scottish, at least that's how i think of him. But i think if they were ever to make a gemmell book into a movie, you'd have to start from the beginning, with Legend, with druss defending dros delnoch, and the nadir, or legend of deathwalker, cos' the two are sort of interlinked with the whole time thing that seems to connect every character in the drenai saga....or the damned series so far, cos' it's only two books, and i love skilgannon, then again, the first book by gemmell i read was white wolf (bless the friend who gave me that book) so he will always be one of, if not my favourite character because of it (or so i assume, possiblly that's not the reason, maybe i just like him *shrug*) and of course druss, and waylander, and shannow,, too many to list. One thing i have to say about the rigante is that, after reading sword in the storm, and loving connovar so much, i was annoyed when i found that midnight falcon was about his ******* son, but then i came to like bane more than connovar, and then i was pissed off when i found out the rigante had been conquered, but then the character of (name) in ravenheart was so cool, so much of connovar and bane in him, just sort of in a different situation, that i forgot about that, but the only book that i liked less was stormrider, cos' i have to say i didn't really like that last char in the series. But anyway, the most annoying thing about that last book is you find out what happens to the main char, but not to ravenheart, so it's like what was the point of the third book if we don't even get an insight into what happens to ravenheart after that final battle?
What I'd like to see,

A book about what Bane did after "Midnight Falcon".

I mean, he apparently led a rigante army to stone and sacked the city, right?

Persnally I thought "Stormrider" was excellent, maybe Gaise Macon wasn't the greatest character, but I found his relationship with mulgrave and his final sacrifice brilliant.

As for what Kailin Ring did? Why, he did what all Rigante do. He went home to his wife and kids and lived the quiet life. Isn't that what all rigante do?

Another thought, what made Stormrider great was all the minor characters, can't forget the man Rayster or taybard jaekel or jakon gallowglass and... I'm sure you understand.
I Think any gemmell book would make a great movie, especially the rigante books, and anything to do with with druss. Echoes of the great song would be good too, Viruk is awsome.
I think a lot of the depth of the skillgannon books would be lost in the transition though, those books have a lot of deep meaningful thoughts from skil. and it would be hard to show that in the movie properly.
It's true the Rigante novels would make a good movie, although to an extent there is already a movie which would be very similar. Braveheart. It, as the Rigante novels, are a depiction of the Scottish Wars of Independance. There are countless clues in the books which are evidence of this: The slang in the language is Scottish, the term "clansmen" to describe the Rigante, the importance of the "tartan" of which Kaelin makes a cloak, and the fact the Rigante wear kilts, Scottish national dress. I just wanted to highlight to people the resemblance.
Come on mate this is obvious. If we are talking about the Rigante novels it's clear the charcters of the north would boast strong Scottish accents. Meanwhile, Gaise Macon and Mulgrave would be cultered Englishmen. But then again, everyone has their own opinion.