The films are dead (we hope) - long live new Media?


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Aug 8, 2007
so just when you thought it was all over there comes something else around the corner...

not a god awful new film that will just enforce the reason why you stopped liking the highlander franchise, not a comic boor or even cartoon...

its a game! way back when the original film was released there was a spectrum game (anybody remember the spectrum lol) about the film, but since then the games industry have ignored the franchise which is a little shocking when you see how many and how popular combat games are, you would have thought that the premis of immortals fighting to the death throughout all the annels of history would have been pounced on.

Well its finaly here (well 2008 anyway)

We are again following a McLoud - Owen this time, as he battles from the gladatorial pits of ancient Rome, through the sweeping landscapes of Edo Japan up through the centuries to the 21st.

The early video clip shows some great promis as to the landscapes, and hopefully will have a good compelling story line and of course good combat.

So, perhaps this is the place we can finally see finally see some GOOD content to come out of the Highlander franchise in over 20 years.


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