Katherine Kerr - What is the basis for the Horsekin?


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Feb 19, 2008
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As a long term Katherine Kerr fan I have always enjoyed the fact that the People of Bel (the inhabitants of Deverry and Eldidd) were Gauls from Earth who were fleeing the Roman invasions (back in the Dawntime), and sailed through the mists to Ammwn (the western isles).

It has also been revealed that the peoples of Bardek had their own Dawntime, and were originally Hellenised Moors.

I have always wondered in the Old Ones (who when they were enslaved by the Deverry Lords became the Bondsmen) where actually themselves native to Ammwn, or whether they themselves had their own Dawntime, and fled to Ammwn in the distant past. The Old Ones remind me of the "Beaker Peoples" of pre-historic England, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were refugees who fled the celtic invasions of the British Isles. But then again, they do also remind me of the Firbolg of Irish historical myth.

But it would make sense if all the human races in Ammwn were all non-native to the world (fleeing from ours).

From what Arzosah Sothy Lorezohz said to Rhodry when they first met, Dragons are apparantly not native to Ammwn, but fled there following the destruction of their habitats on Earth. She said something along the lines of: the race of men had forced wyrmkind from their homes, and that they have now followed them even here.

The Elves/Westfolk are apparantly native, and are related to the wildfolk (being the Elder brothers). They had a high level of civilisation (the 7 cities of the western mountains) before the destruction of their civilisation by the hordes of meradan (Horsekin).

Dwarves are also native, but we have no knowledge so far of their genesis.
They also had to flee their ancient cities due to the Horsekin invasions.

It is the Horsekin themselves that puzzle me. Are these a type of "man" native to Ammwn, or are they themselves descended from refugees from Earth?
Arzosah does seem to distinguish between "a man of the meradan" and "the race of man" which would seem to indicate that the Horsekin aren't related to humans from Earth.
Or she could just be drawing a distinction between Horsekin (who have been there longer) and "newcomers" such as the Deverians.

But if the Horsekin do ultimately descend from humans of Earth, who are they descended from? I can't think of any ancient peoples who are similar.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what ancient people the Horsekin may be descended from?

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