The Time Machine - HG Wells

As horrific as the whole Eloi Morlcok Relationship was, when the traveler went further into the future …. the Imagery of the slowly running down and declining Earth that was far worse.:unsure:
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Yes, by far my favorite part of the book is the last part, omitted in the (excellent) movie. It was even reprinted on its own in Timetracks, a Laumer-edited anthology of time travel.
Conn, don't forget to check out the unofficial sequel to the Time Machine in Stephen Baxter's Time Ships. It's brilliantly written and captures Well's style really well. I would go as far as to say it's better than the orginial!!

Also Morlock Night by K W Jeter In this story the Morlocks get hold of the time machine and turn all of history int their hunting ground.
Personally i liked and think humanity deserves bleak future.
Sometimes i read science mags and see how many rare species we have killed,are killing and how the world is changing forever because of the wrong doings of our race. When i think like that its good to read good SF with really bleak futures.

I liked the fact the future people are food for others.

A bleak future for mankind ? No , im sorry but I cannot agree with that sentiment at all.
Wells's work stands the test of time better than the majority of authors from that time period, at least from the authors that I've read.
It is interestng to see what people of the past get right and wrong when predicting the future. I disagree with wells in some of the predictions he made, but he was definitely someone with a wise understanding of society and history.
Most early time travel comparisons are to Twain's Connecticut Yankee. But ultimately that story is presented as a dream. Well's is the first technological time travel method story.

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