Whats Your Favorite Starship/Fighter/Space Station? Why?

If there's just one choice, then it's Battlestar Galactica. It's kicka** and I suppose it represent many things to the characters in the series (defence, attack, safety and hope!).

Other favourites:
USS Defiant
BSG Vipers
BSG Pegasus
The Midway (from an old computer game called Wing Commander Prophecy); many an hour lost LOL.
B5 Whitestar
Well, my votes(s) goto;

The 'brute-force engineering' style of the Earthforce destroyers.
The opening shot of the Imperial Star Destroyer in the original Star Wars.
The 'Event Horizon' from the film of the same name.

Hum - I definately seem to have a dark side....
The Babylon 5 Omega class destroyers (the ones with the roatating mid-section) from Babylon 5 gets my top vote.
Also up there are is the Galactica from new BSG and the Romulan Warbird from ST:TNG
Wow, that's a hard one. There's so much to choose from.

Favourite starship has to be the Whitestar. Nothing else like it before or since. (Discovery from 2001 is pretty cool too.)

Fighter for me would be the Star Fighters from Buck rogers. Not too deadly i'd imagine, but from an aesthetic point of view, very appealing. (Does the Millennium Falcon count as a fighter? It certainly handles like one.)

Space station has to be babylon 4.

Honourable mention for favourite fictional Aircraft has to be for the FA 37 Talon from Stealth. (I know, rubbish movie, but those planes looked incredible.)
None of the fighter craft I have ever seen designed for TV or movie have been even close to realistic enough for me to have an all-time favorite. I think there are a couple pieces in the RIFTS phaseworld books that come close to my tastes.

Starships are multipurposed enough that I can handle the size and shapes. I think Shadow Vessels from B5 take the taco for me. Cyber-organic neural ship interface; self-healing hull; bioresponsive and intelligent sub-systems; artificial gravity/inertial dampening; self-contained jump point engine; black as midnight (to match space); and ominous to boot.

Space stations are kind of too generic for me to have a favorite. For me the allure of the space station is the allure of the people who live on it (and what happens to them). As far as "designs" go there is only so much you can do with a space station without making it ugly as sin or completely non-functional. Though B5 does get an honorable mention for having a variety of armaments (unlike phasers for everything approach star trek and star wars are want to do).

There are a few votes here for the Omega class cruisers from B5, yet none for the Leonov from 2010 where it got it's inspiration.

Has anyone looked at Jeff Russells Starship Dimensions?
My favourites would be Moya, Pilot, and by extension, Talon from Farscape. Somehow they made Moya seem motherly, and eventually they had to put Talon down cos he was mad dog crazy. Mmmm, and Tinman, the bio-ship from St:TNG series ... 2-3-4?! oh, and the Tyranid motherships (Nautulus-shaped) from Warhammer 40K. All bioships, from some reason, :O
There are a few votes here for the Omega class cruisers from B5, yet none for the Leonov from 2010 where it got it's inspiration.

Thats because the Leonov doesn't have a swarm of Starfuries flying out the front. Or big guns. Or a jump engine.:D But the Leonov is nice. I watched 2010 again a few weeks ago, and was most impressed.

Has anyone looked at Jeff Russells Starship Dimensions?

I have. I think it's a great site :) It's neat seeing all the sizes compared.
Another space ship site, have you seen Conceptships?
Like a few others, I'm sold on the B5 Shadow vessels. They look exactly right for what they are - sinsister killing machines. And they're the only 'bio-ship' concept that actually shows pain when hit, and curls up like a dead spider when destroyed rather than exploding into a zillion pieces.

ST:TNG Romulan Warbird is a close second. Lean and mean.

As for bases, I've always liked the sensation of size you get from the Star-Trek universe Starbases. The idea that anyone would bother building an enclosed hangar-area for Starfleet vessels is a little screwy, though. The old school Cylon mothership is also brilliant in its simplicity.
5 best in no order
1,klingon bird of prey
2,ab craft from [the night the cylons landed bsg1980]
3,interceptors from shado moonbase on the british show UFO
4,THE YALLEYFORGE from silent running and bsg
5,the flying wing at the rear of the fleet this ship by the way has the same mark as the battlestar galactica [COULD THIS BE A PART OF THE BIG GS BATTLE GROUP??.
if i had a runner up it would be the spaceball one from spaceballs [best part was the bumper sticker on the back which says we brake for one one??.

lol the mighty warstar cerberus

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