Whats Your Favorite Starship/Fighter/Space Station? Why?

For me - Liberator, and the angelfish Minbari ships, and starfuries.
Reasons - design and use for liberator, deign for the minbari ships, and 'plausibility' for the starfuries.

Sire of Dragons - where did you get that image of the liberator please?
I animated the Liberator, for fun. You can find it by searching for 'cartoony liberator'
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The Motherships from "V".

These flying saucers didn't need flashing lights to make a good enntrance, they just hovered into view :)
Number one on the list -- x-wing. Can we say, "dancing in the sky"?

Lith, if you liked the old style SF rocketship, you might enjoy the flying platform in Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow. It has that old 40s Flash Gordon feel to it. It also reminds me of the US Air Force flying stratofortresses. Impressive.
The first time we se the The Executor (Darth Vader's Flagship, a Super Star Destroyer/Star Dreadnaught) in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back still takes me as my favourite.
After the initial Star Destroyer at the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope, it was hard (at the time) to imagine something better, bet then there it was in the next movie.
And then there was Vader looking out of that viewport.
I think when I first saw the Starfury's from babylon 5 I though intitally ooo somebodys nicked the Tie fighter design but after watching em in action I kina had to eat humble pie. I loved the jury rigged look of the earth ships in B5.

But for station B5 closley followed by Deep Space 9, for ship's its harder there be too many:D I think either TIE fighters or Starfurys. Bigger classes hmmm the liberator is a fantastic design especially that graphic soembody put up where did you find it:eek: but my fave I think has to be the Old one ship from B5 the one with the jellyfish look, its never named but Ivanova speaks to them and Catheren Sakai gets power drained by it. You know the one!:confused:

These were fun ships too.
[SIZE=+2]Shadow Warship:[/SIZE]
I think the suggestions so far, just about cover it. I'd have to go for the Millennium Falcon though the Enterprise "no bloody A, B, C or D", and the Liberator would be somewhere in the top five. I also liked the Eagles from Space 1999.
I loved the Shadow ships as well, no matter how many times you see them, you never really get your head around the shape

And the Borg Cubes - sinister functionality, they turn up, you know you are going to die

These were fun ships too.
[SIZE=+2]Shadow Warship:[/SIZE]

Yep - definitely have to agree

I also like the idea of Moya and Talyn in Farscape - particularly that Pilot's whole existance was to fly Moya but all that "Moya doesn't fell happy about this" stuff got on my nerves after a bit.

How about Starbug from Red Dwarf? - lots of fun to be had there.

Having said that its hard to beat Serenity.
Oh, there are so many!

Definitely the Whitestar, I love its deadly elegance.
The new style Cylon raiders also look really cool.
When it comes to space stations, I have a hard time choosing between B5 and DS9.

There are apparently some plans to someday build ships that utilize the starfury design. JMS is fine with that, as long as the ships are called starfuries.
Fave Starship from Trek would have to be the Nebula Class.

Though for private ownership, I'd probably go for a Runabout.

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