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Jan 31, 2008
.....I would think that given immortality; the ability to regenerate lost limbs would almost be a necessity. Otherwise anyone who lived long enough would eventually end up a basket case- yet the immortals did not have that capability.

.....One thing- if I were an immortal of the Highlander persusion; fighting the occasional duel with another immortal might be unavoidable; but I'd make every effort to avoid battlefields and their indiscriminate; potentially limb-robbing explosions. Yet in one episode, Mcleod and another immortal seemed to take great delight in blowing each other up like naughty schoolchildren. Not smart.

.....None of the various vampires seem able to regenerate either- which leads me to my second point- why are people willing to imagine ageless beings- sweallowing the camel, as it were; but so reluctant to imagine them able to regenerate lost- or ruined body parts? Gagging at the gnat, as it were.

.....RVM45 :cool:
There's a character in the series who loses his hand but it never grows back.
I found it strange that he spends the rest of his life trying to fight one-handed with a hook for a hand.

They should have shown a regenerated hand.

Btw, in the remake script, first draft, the immortals now bare the scars of previous battles. Totally the wrong direction to take imo.

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