Goodkind gets TV show

I'm a fan of the series (though I dislike Goodkind as a person)... but I have to comment on this, from the first article:

Raimi called Goodkind a "brilliant author" and said he's a big fan of the books, which he reads with his family.


I'll have a lookee for this when it comes out, complete with it's 18 rating. :rolleyes: :p
Hah, ain't that something. First Martin now Goodkind.

According to one of GK's minions, the only reason that GRRM got a TV deal was because he was jealous of GK getting his deal a few months earlier :rolleyes:

Of course, the fact that GRRM's work is with HBO, creators of Deadwood, Rome and Band of Brothers, makes me think it may end up as a higher-quality product than something by the guy behind such masterpieces as Spider-Man 3 and Xena but that may just be me ;)

But seriously, if they approach this like a modern-day Hercules it could be fun. It would be a comedy, of course (Bruce Campbell for Zedd!) and Goodkind would probably have a stroke about his 'important human themes' being squeezed out, but I think we can live with that.
I will definitely watch it, just to see what they do with it. As long as Noah Huntly plays Richard! I think it will be interesting, and I think we all want to see how they portray the evil chicken scene! Though my one question is what's going to be left of the series when they cut out everything that you can't show on telly?
I think the series reached its peak in Wizzard's First Rule and went downhill from there on. I haven't gotten around to picking up the final book in the series yet. However, there's slim pickings in the world of sci-fi and fantasy television/movies so I'm sure I'll end up watching it. I've always been a fan of Sam Raimi, hopefully he can pull out the best parts of the story.
not only that - but GRRM is so popular that if they do mess it up then --- well, lets just say there will be marshallows on sticks at the party!
I have no doubt that the GRRM series will wipe the floor with the goodkind series, ASoIaF clearly outclasses the sword of truth in every way. You would have to be a pretty big screw up to get it wrong. And in HBOs hands, I'm confident we'll get an amazing series..
A good book doesn't guarantee a good film or TV series.

(And a bad book, where no one really cares how it's hacked about, can, it is said, make a successful transition to the screen.)
Oh goody, an even wider audience for Goodkind's particular brand of democracy in action:rolleyes:
oh god. i hope it never EVER comes to uk tv. EVER
and if it does, that they get rid of the pointless rape and misogny
kill kahalan off for being a whiney pain
kill richard off for being a boring whiney pain
hell, KILL EVERYONE off for being annoying, a cliche and a rip off from someone else's work and make something up completely different that just happens to have the title of goodkind's work
which they then change whent he show comes out :)
then i will be happy :)
I haven't read much of his work, and I'm not a fan, but it'll be interesting to see how it translates to the small screen.
people dont understand that Goodkind is writing more to inspire than to entertain. time and time again he has stated that he hates the stigma of fantasy. His writing revolves around his conviction. If you dont see that u cant like the book. That is why his work is so divisive. Pullman writes about atheism, lewis wrote about Christianity, Goodkind writes about objectivism; All 3 used the concept of fantasy to tell their tales. To each his own, im so tired of defending his work to ASOIAF and fantasy fanboys. The fanboys are so loud, yet Goodkind outsells Martin and Jordan and released 11 books in a 13 yr period. Most importantly he finished what he set out to do. I've gotten more professors and college students to read goodkind more than any other author after writing papers on certain dialogs and speeches. People complain about his preaching, but for f*cks sake that is what he set out to do in the first place!

Some people thought passion of the christ was a horrible movie, some people thought it was great, but people didnt hate or love the movie because of the directing or the writing, it was a movie revolving around a belief, a message, a concept. It was not meant to be entertaining, thus the polarizing reception. When u use art to conceptualize a conviction results will be divisive because convictions are supremely subjective and relative. Hence the concept of self perception.... we ourselves must see and judge material revolving around conviction to understand how our internal subjectivity relates to it.

ofcourse alot of folk hate goodkind and his novels... have u seen or read how koontz is received in literary circles? i cant count how many times ive seen the words "hack writer" "gimmick writer" "horror writer" "formula man" related to his name. Yet i love Koontz to death because he doesnt just write to entertain, his messages in his novels some times transcend the concept of profound. This is why i will always place Goodkind and Harry Potter over ASOIAF, the authors dont just set out to entertain and express their literary skill. Rowling always stated first and foremost that the one thing she hates most in life is bigotry, an issue that she wanted her tale to revolve around. This meant so much to me back in the day black boy of 13, Goodkind taught me that good men still exist and heroes can revolve around their morals, and not their flaws. For every bastardized flawed hero, we need a richard.

people keep bitching about rape, just so u know 1 out of every 5 women in america is sexually assaulted before they are 18. Rape is a serious issue. Women get raped every singe day. Goodkind who is a woman's right activist by the way exposes it as one of the greatest atrocities man can commit. But nooooo, u people dont want to see that or the seriousness behind such a dark issue. You people dont see that Goodkinds novels revolve around the concept of free will, and how he uses rape and religion to contrast free will. People keep saying rape, rape, rape, yet there are more female characters that male in his world, and 90% of them have more power than all the men. unbelievable. Then again, to each his own. everybody will like what they want to like and that is what free will is all about. this is exactly what goodkind writes about. u can hate his work and his characters. its all good because that is exactly what he believes in, it is why he writes.
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yet Goodkind outsells Martin and Jordan

Just to be nitpicky here but Jordan has sold well over twice as many books as Goodkind. And whilst Goodkind has sold more books than GRRM, that's because he has many more more books in print. Sales-per-novel between the two authors are pretty much the same. However, GRRM has far higher sales growth between books than Goodkind, whose sales-per-volume have remained pretty constant (and given that the last book failed to score as highly on the bestseller lists as the previous one, than it have peaked already).
Goodkind who is a woman's right activist by the way exposes it as one of the greatest atrocities man can commit. But nooooo, u people dont want to see that or the seriousness behind such a dark issue. You people dont see that Goodkinds novels revolve around the concept of free will, and how he uses rape and religion to contrast free will.
Which is why he believes, to quote, that "gang-rape is democracy in action", I suppose...

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