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Jan 21, 2008
Well I noticed that when I read Eragon by Christoper Paolini there are alot of similarities in the story.

  1. The twins (Beltira and Belkira). In Eragon theres a twin too. They even have the same mind as Belkira and Beltira.
  2. The silver mark on the right hand of Garion (In Eragon...Eragon has a mark on the right hand too the same as Garion)
  3. The sword. In Belgariad we have the sword of Iron-grip. While in Eragon theres the killer sword...and would u belive theres a blue orb on the pommel of the sword too (See Eragon the movie)
  4. The sotryteller that became a very important person. In Belgariad we have Belgarath as a storyteller then turned out to be Belgarath the Sorcerrer. In Eragon we have Brom as a storyteller then turned out to be a former dragon rider.
  5. And would you believe theres another similarity? Garion is called the Godslayer and Eragon is called the Shadeslayer.
  6. Garion was a farmboy when it all started. In Eragon..Eragon was a farmboy too.
Correct me if Im wrong but theres alot of similarities "it makes my teeth itchy".
You have to remember that Eddings seemed to take every fantasy cliché going and meld them into a story. For some reason it worked, and in my opinion, worked very well.

If you spend any time with fantasy, looking for similarities like this will drive you 'round the twist. Just enjoy reading.:)
Yea but it seems like Christoper Paolini just copied Eragon from Belgariad..since Eragon was just published recently.
Well, it may be, but Paolini was at an age where the vast majority wouldn't have read something like the Belgariad. I think it's more 'Lowest common denominator,' than deliberate copying. It would be irritating, though. I got the first 2 'Eragon,' books for Christmas but haven't got around to reading them yet.
Well I've seen the new copy of Belgariad and there was a message from Christoper Paolini...obviously he read Belgariad..he even said that its he's favourite books.
They are not too bad Ace - well the first is not - they do have a problem with language flow - a thesorus I think was used a bit. But on the whole they are readable and certainly more enjoyable than that film that was made!
hmm - evil - just a pointer, but could you darken your posting colour - only on the normal chrons settings the light blue is a little tricky to read ;)

and there was one good thing in the film -- the dragon, both voice and CGI work well in that respect (I also think the evil mage was well chosen and his mak=up was good)
It was a mage was a shade..

Ok I'll darken my font

If u watch the deleted scenes u'll find that theres twins in the film remarkable.

Does this make u happy?
It was fun to read but in the end it was a bit boring when u see the similarities with Belgariad.

The movie was absolutely crap. It was what I expected. I like the voice of Saphira though and the Shade. The Shade is the only character who succeded.

Im absolutely disappointed when they didnt include the dwarves and the elves. Which played major part in the books.
Well (and we have diverged so far from the belgariad ;))
I thought that they got some good senior actors into the film - Brom (?) we well cast - but they messed it up with poor younger actors. And in the end it was a quick film production for the christmas slot which had no potter or lord of the rings film in it. Thus bits were cut - and recreating the volcano - well that would have required nearly all CGI to accomplish - and could have been done, but it would have taken them too long.
However, they know that they failed, because after the cheap ending there is no sound of another film - and they would be hardpressed to make one since they changed so much
Yea the youger actors made the film worst. Brom was ok but his character is just like Belgariad.

Its like Christoper Paolini rewrote Belgariad with some twists and turns.
There are a number of posts under various authors about the similarities of Eragon and them. Star Wars, and Pern are also tagged. though one point of the Dragons having the magic and the humans having it loaned to them. kinda like the magic setup from Eddings' Belgariad and Elenium worlds
i agree completely with you evil genius.
Paolini has most definitely taken HUGE pieces of the Belgariad to "write" his derivitive piece of drivel called Eragon. I read the book hoping for something as good as the hype... how disappointed i was.
there are large pieces of text that appear to be cut and pasted out of Pawn of Prophecy - particularly a conversation between Belgarath and Garion (even the names Eragon and Garion are blatantly similar) where they discuss the possible and the impossible. Sapphira for all shes a dragon is essentially Polgara, her whole manner is protective mother/guardian a'la Polgara.
There are other literary works that Paolini the plagiarist has taken liberties from, but aside from Lord of the Rings, and Anne McCaffrey's dragonriders of Pern, no other work has been as copied from as the Belgariad.

Just as an aside, in the books i can't recall whether Morzan's sword - Misery is its translated name - has the colour of its pommell stone mentioned, however as the blade is red and the sword was made specifically for the rider of a red dragon, i would assume that the pommell stone would have been a large ruby rather than a sapphire... the movie took too many liberties even with Paolini's book for it to be a reliable basis for argument.

Sapphira did look amazing in the movie though, and Rachel Weizs was flawless as Sapphira, she's now my favourite to play Polgara if there was ever a movie. theres a certain amount of caring in her appearance, and a look of "don't you dare mess with my child" about her in several things, the Mummy Returns most obviously.
I detested Jeremy Irons as Brom - just as I detest Jeremy Irons in any and all fantasy genre films that he's been in. Overacted, clearly under-directed, and as a result, campy and OTT.
Ed Speelers did as well as he was able to being a rookie actor, considering the clear lack of directorial and scriptorial support he received. that said, he had both the wrong hair and eye colour, and Chris Egan who played Roran for a few minutes in the film should have been chosen in his place. He's at least been acting for near to a decade - especially if they were going to skip on Eragon's plain brown hair and puppy-dog brown eyes.
Have u seen the movie too? You can see in the movie that the sword "Zargon" who kills dragons has an orb on the pommel..which incidentaly is blue.
I think zargon is something from the 80s tv - a place - zargon I have certainly heared the name before but can't place it at all - but some older sci-fi or fantasy is certain!

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