Whoa .... what about Dany's other 3 prophecies!!

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Dec 4, 2007
I have noticed that in many threads we have been focusing on Dany's 3 betrayals that she must face. One for blood, one for gold and one for love, but what about the other 6 that were told to her before even those 3?? (I am new so excuse me if I have missed a post on this already)

In the House of the Undying they uttered these cryptic words:

"Three fire must you light ... one for life and one for death and one to love ...."

"Three mounts must you ride ... one to bed and one to dread and one to love..."

The Undying then go on to tell her of her 3 betrayals. Perhaps we should now focus on these other 6? Perhaps they all tie into one another or must happen separately.

One more thing I did not understand also in the following paragraph after these prophecies. Dany was shown events from the past, present and future and my question is who or what did this mean .. "A corpse stood at the prow of a ship, eyes bright in his dead face, grey lips smiling sadly. "
I hadn't thought about it until now, but I guess that the first fire was the one that brought life to her dragons and the second colud be Drogon burning the very house where she received these prophecies. The third? Maybe it hasn't happened yet.
The mounts that she must ride... The dread part must be riding (her dragons) to war. Maybe her silver is the first one, and the third, as with the fire, also hasn't happened yet.
Huh, she is gonna bed silver?
The first is Khal Drogo, second is the black dragon Drogon, the third, ...
At least thats what i think

The two parts of the fire have happened too already i think. She started a fire for the dead Khal and her baby, and thus created life. (Come to think of it, that may be only the fire for the dead)
One to bed is Khal Drogo. One to dread? I am not sureit has to be a dragon. I think the undying where obviously speaking in metaphors so it could be anything yet to come. One to love might be someone she falls in love with?

As for the fire prophecies... I think the first one was her Dragons, but I have no clue on the other two yet.
The fire prophecies could all be fulfilled by Drogo's funeral pyre. The dragons being the life, Mirri being the death, Drogo being the love. There are other combinations you could use as well. However, it would be kinda lame for all three prophecies to be fulfilled with just one event so maybe there are other fires coming up.
Has anyone else also thought that maybe the prophecies given to Dany refer strictly to events that will happen after she received the prophecies? I mean, it can't be really considered a prophecy if it's already happened to her. That would would erase at least one betrayal we thought already happened and probably the fire prophecies as well.
I've thought that those stallions are metaphor for men in her life:
One to bed - Drogo
One to dread - Viserys
One to love - Some one who she will really love, Jon? :)
I think the prophecies might go in order as were spoken though. So, I don't think Viserys is/was a mount. If I HAD to make a choice I would say the word "mount" is specific about sex and only that, but I can be wrong.
Well, they're both Targaryens. They were reared to think they'd marry each other. I think it's safe to say that Viserys viewed Dany is sexual terms... I think he viewed all women, except maybe for his mother, in sexual terms. Then again, they're relationship did not go very far in sexual terms... some nipple twisting is all.

Viserys is the kind of guy that makes Theon look like a hero.
I think the wording refers to something different for each part of each set. e.g. 'mount': one refers to a horse, one to sex, one to something else. Alternately, 'to x' functions as a verb, while the others function as nouns. Or something. Like, Dany will ride a mount to bed, bed being a noun, a place. But Dany will ride a mount to dread. It is a mount so terrible it is to be dreaded by others. 'Treasons you shall know' refers to one she'll commit, one which will be committed against her, and one she will simply witness. Basically, I don't think there's a general formula we're going to get for all of them. The wording is too precisely ambiguous.

Alternatively, I like the theory that I read somewhere (I forget where) that when Dany says 'help me, show me' to the Undying, they do just that, and show her visions of exactly what they have just prophecied.

Three treasons:
for blood: Viserys with gold running down his face. Viserys had just drawn his blade (and I think drawn blood?) in Vaes Dothrak. That could count as a treason.
for gold: Rhaego? As he would have been. I don't have an explanation for this one.
for love: The death of Rhaegar. Robert committed treason for love of Lyanna.

The Fires
for life: Stannis standing with what he believes to be Lightbringer. Dany must light the true Lightbringer.
for death: a cloth dragon parade. I got nothing. Maybe one of her dragons dies?
for love: a stone dragon from a tower. Someone (Melisandre?) finds out about Jon's royal blood(?) and uses it for magic, leaving Dany to light his funeral pyre. Otherwise, I got nothing.

The mounts
To bed: Silver. She rode silver to her marraige bed.
To dread: a ship with a wight or some revenant on it. She must ride ships to Westeros, but perhaps she will not like the company.
To love: a rose in an ice wall. Dany rides Jon Snow.

It doesn't work brilliantly as far as speculation goes, but I like it all the same. I like the idea of the answer being in plain sight.
I like the idea of the answer being in plain sight.

Martin is not Cris Angel. He's not pulling the answers from thin air. He's more like a Three Card Monty hustler... you know the answer is right in front of you, but he keeps them moving so well that you're never sure about what you're seeing.

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