The Leap Back: 89-09

F'Lessan Amused

Science fiction fantasy
Aug 16, 2007
anything I like...hmmm *thinks* er...WIBBLE
As many of you have guessed or seen online..its The Leap Back in 2009..perhaps the most eagerly awaited con in QL history...any of you going to be there?

if you want more info go here: The Leap Back 2009: A Quantum Leap Convention


Golly I got all excited for just a split second, I thought it was a sequel or movie to Quantum Leap, I never did like that last episode!.

I would love to go, unfortunatly its in another country, darn and drat. I do love Scott Bakula. Oh well!:(
Mmmm a little more actually............. Closer to a full 24 hours I think.... But hey what the heck its worth it!
I'm curious just what kind of crowd this event will draw. The show has a fan base, but what kind of people does that include? Die hards? Quoters? People who claim to have been leapt into? All interesting possibilities... :)

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