Silent Hill


The Immortal Prince
Oct 21, 2007
Anyone else an avid fan of this exceptionally scary franchise?

I am replaying Silent Hill 2, but plan on replaying all Silent Hill games I have (1 - 4).

I love the psychological scariness in these games and the pretty indepth storyline. I cant wait for Silent Hill 5 to come out.

They say it is going to go back to the style that was Silent Hill 2 which, imo, is the best and freakiest of them all.
I only played the first silent hill game. It was creepy and I couldn't be bothered to buy it. The film was entertaining though, especially the ending :D

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Yeah, great stuff. I've only played numbers 1 & 2, but they were both very good, especially the second one. I love the way the scares and tension are handled -- not at all like the Resident Evil series, which I don't really like at all.

In the SH games, there's just a constant atmosphere of dread and unease -- the incredible soundtrack, the radio static, the grainy filter over the visuals, the dilapidated environments -- wow. Like nothing else I've played. Fatal Frame came close, but wasn't quite up to SH's standard.

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