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Heroes 2:10 Truth and Consequences


Apr 12, 2006

I’ve read a few opinions that the show is feeling rushed and jumps around a lot more than it needs to and I tend to agree and there is speculation that this is because the writers strike.

questions and ideas from this episode:

-Dr. Suresh is the one bringing HRG back to life so the next question is, who else knows he did that? Is it a secret? Mohinder is asking the right questions though, maybe he will come to his senses. I think if his change of heart were spread out over several episodes it might not seem so strange.

-Peter used his dream-precog power again but it seemed to be just for the benefit of the viewers. Peter has a lot going on and probably doesn’t know how to use everything but he could have read the woman or Adam’s brain to see who could be trusted. Maybe he’ll do that next episode w/ Adam or Hiro and come down on the right side. Peter really needs a Sensei or to go off and practice somewhere.

-Adam knows the you don't come back from getting your head blown off. Guessing 'cause the brain controls the healing. How does he know? Must have seen it happen to someone or just educated about how the power works. Tricky letting her go on purpose.

-Thought I was gonna see Copy-cat (Micah’s Cousin) kick butt, good tension point though wonder how the rescue will go down.

-Claire’s gonna go public! Well, we’ll see. Maybe the feds and the company are gonna play tug of war w/ her (if the company isn’t the feds already).

-the next episode blurb/comercial said two will fall. . .


This world is not my home
Oct 11, 2006
I don't know so much about feeling rushed. It begin to feel more like Heroes did last year when you were never quite sure what was going to happen next, and each episode surprised. But I do think that there are too many story lines going on. I wonder if some of them might not be resolved next week --- could they really do that? --- and form the basis for the "spring TV season."

Is Mohinder really changing his mind? It seems to me that he has always been on the side of helping people. Right now he's not sure who is doing that, and who is using people. In many ways morality can be boiled down to that simple question: "Am I helping people? [moral] or am I using people? [immoral]" I see Mohinder as a moral person in a state of confusion.

Good thinking about Adam. How does he know and it seems the Dr. knew too, that cutting the head off would be death for a healer. This would tie in with last year when Claire was impaled through the throat. As soon as the branch was pulled out she started to revive. Also if there was no way to kill a "healer" there would not have been any need to save Claire from Silar last year.

Claire going public (if she does) might bring into play last year's mantra: "Save the Cheerleader. Save the world." Maybe saving Claire last year was only the beginning of what she was going to be the key to. Remember it was future Hiro who brought that message.

-- In the "I don't want to think about it" category. We have to consider the idea that one of the Heroes who goes down is Hiro. We certainly left him in an unpleasant situation when the story ended.


Well-Known Member
Apr 1, 2007
He will never die he is too good for the show popularity, people like him the most.

He can stop Peter anyway. He can freeze Peter. Peter isnt exactly great at using Hiro power. Plus he doesnt have to freeze Peter, he can disappear and reappear behind or something. Peter is very naive and stupid though not to get second thoughts of Adam after the way he killed Victoria.

I felt this ep was almost ruined by the many story lines. Last weeks ep was better cause there was only one or two storyline at the same time.

Adam is very sneaky. Very smart the way he killed Victoria. I like the way he wants hurt the humankind for their mistakes. Very Magneto of him to hurt the humans to save the planets,animals.


Chuckle Churner
Jul 18, 2007
This episode seemed a littled rushed, but yeah in the same way that last season did, with the strands of the story weaving together. There is a lot going on, so at pionts it gets a little cluttered.

Interesting thoughts though, Claire going public and changing the world. But Future Hiro's time lines only really went a certain distance until Sylar got her? Although as another thread points out, In the 5 years future after the bomb, Claire was still alive and Peter had a scar, we assume that means peter hasn't met Claire, but in this episode during the fight with Hiro 'Frozen in Time' he might sustain an injury that wont heal in normal time.

Peter is being lead down a path by Adam and becoming his disciple. But I reckon he will better Hiro and Adam will then see his old foe, and want to kill him. Peter will stop him knowing that Hiro is good, and regarding Hiro's comment about being on the wrong side, along with the uncomfortable look when Victoria died.

Can't wait to see Mica and Copy-Cat (muscle-mimic) girl have to get Mica's mum to come kick some ass, and I wonder what Grandma does? Maybe those that took her are much aware of her abilities.

Do we even know what time it is?

The virus isn't the strain that infected Jessica

It all sort of jumped with Sylar, one minute he was just into the US snogging Maya after killing her brother (and not cutting off his head and looking at his brain until he's figured what was wrong/different about it and then can use it) the next he was stroking Molly's hair, calling Mohinder threateningly on the phone, still blagging Maya that he's nice, and what happened to Parkman.

oooh, imagine if Sylar got Parkman's powers, and rediscovered his ability to use's people powers better than themselves and become as much of a mind mover as Parkman Snr (Mort?)

I like the way that until about half way through of last year we thought Horn Rimmed Glasses Noah Bennett was evil and bad, but then found out that we was actually good and just bad because he was trying to protect clare.

this season we think that the company is bad, until we find out that they are just trying to protect humanity against evil Adam and his Disciples.
Or we think that Peter is nice until we find out that he kills Hiro, Insults Ando and Releases a virus that kills almost EVERYONE.
Or we think that Mohinder is Naive and Benevolent until we find out that he plans to blither his way into the most important situations only to make very poor decisions.

Sorry got carried away a bit there.

Still brilliant, and just a bit annoyed about having to wait and watch it on YouTube in segments. Not looking forward to the 'mid season' break!!