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Episode 17: Company Man

Brian G Turner

Fantasist & Futurist
Staff member
Nov 23, 2002

Whoah! What an episode - one of the best yet, with all those points of emotional tension coming into collision in Mr Bennet's house!

Was seriously interesting to see the background on Mr Bennet's character, and a big reason for the Haitian was to help Mr Bennet stopping his wife from having to be killed.

Also interesting to see the new character, Mr Bennet's boss, and additionally the connections with both Hiro's father and the invisible man character played by Christopher Eccelstone.

Interesting to see how Mr Bennet has been desperately trying to save his family, and the goodbye scene at the end when he fixes himself up to be shot, then have his memory removed.

Interesting question is how Hiro's father, played by George Takei, fits into all of this, and whether he, too, is trying to protect his son from being turned over.


High on Melange.
Feb 5, 2006
galacian girls/will do it for pearls/and the arrak
Yes, I agree that this is one of the best. Before this episode, HRG's character is best described as questionable. In fact at some points one may seem to loathe him, but in this episode he redeems himself.

it's also interesting to get more background info from the Heroes online graphic novels [though they're spoiler-prone hehe].