Season 2, Episode 5


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Oct 11, 2006
Well, well, well, a couple of nice plot twists!

The nightmare man is a real nightmare! I didn't see his power coming. I thought there was someone else who was haunting Anna's dreams! Now I don't believe that, but I've been wrong before!

Now I'm really confused, I thought the "Organization" was the one hunting and killing the "Heroes" now it looks like there is some other group. The obvious question here is "Who's 'Lightening Girl's' Dad? Perhaps her real dad, or maybe a "dad" like "Papa Doc."

I do wonder about the "arc of the show." I so enjoyed it last season when we actually finished a story. But this story, if it is one, is slow to develop. My memory is that very early on we knew that the Heroes had as their objective to save New York from blowing up. At this point in this season there does not seem to be much in the line of clear cut objectives, with obvious exception of surviving.

Hiro's story is proving to be an unmitigated bore! But I still believe that it is very possible that when Hiro completes his restoration of the time line we may have a complete re-set of the story. Get ready for it. Even if it might well be the death for this wonderful series.


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Oct 19, 2006
When the Parkmans met and Matt seemed to feel something from Old Parkman's mind pushing back at him, I was reminded of him being the only person who could look back at Molly when she looked at him; it seemed like his power was reflecting other people's powers back at them. That would imply that he has no power over anybody else who doesn't have power of his/her own. But inducing nightmares is very different from reversing other people's powers, and he did it to Mohinder. So either he's got two separate and completely unrelated powers (the effect on others' powers and the nightmare thing), or there's some way to connect the two things as results of a single power... like making other people's minds reflect back in on themselves.


Apr 12, 2006
when Parkman's dad did the mind trick on Nathan and Parkman I was reminded of what the shape changing girl from season 1 did to Niki's kid (forgot his name for the moment). She didn't actually change shape she just changed other people's perception of her. I wonder if she will be back and if she is a parkman also.

Also liked Copy-cat. Same power as the Marvel Villian Task Master.

ack I missed episodes 3 & 4 but looks like netflix will let me see them online.