Orson Scott Card - Wyrms


Oct 18, 2007
I haven't finished this book yet, or gotten very far. Yet still, I want to know what other people who read this book thought about it. How do you suppose it compares to OSC's other works? Did anyone like any particular characters? Is this one of OSC's last sci-fi works, because now he apparently works in contemporary fantasy.
I found it very erotic, actually the closest thing I've seen to tentacle sex in a non-graphic novel form. Not a lot like his other stuff at all IMO but still very good.
i read this one much too young - (age nine or so) ... thing fooled me. rooted for the protagonist and then... over-all i found it almost as deeply disturbing as a Tuesday Weld's schlock horror flick. too bad. very good read to begin with.

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