Le Femme Nikita (1997)


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Jul 9, 2007
Okay I just watched the original Le Femme Nikita and I have to say that when I saw the Bridgett Fonda remake, "Point of No Return" several years ago, I wasn't that impressed but now that I've seen the original, I'm even less impressed with the remake. That move was so much better than the english version Hollywood put out that it's almost embarrassing to admit there even was a remake. I've yet to see a Luc Besson movie that I wasn't totally impressed with. I would like to know about The Big Blue though. Is there alot of nudity in it because that's a turn off for me in watchin a movie? He's not known for splatterin his movies with that kind of stuff so the only reason I ask is because the previews make it look kinda premiscuous and risquee. Anyways, lemme know cuz I really do wanna see it. Thanks.
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