Paradises Lost


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Sep 13, 2007
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Not too long ago I read The Birthday of the World, a collection of short stories by Le Guin. Has anyone read the short story Paradises Lost? It is one of those phenomenal works that stands out in my mind. It tackles the common sci-fi concept of a generation ship traveling for centuries to another world to colonize it. But after reading this story, you will truly question whether such a venture can ever be successful. In her typical way of honestly portraying people, culture, society, and religion, she tells a story that seems all too likely of how the people on board such a ship would evolve culturally. I'd be curious to hear from anyone else who has read this work and enjoyed it (or not!). :)
I read this story last year. I found it to be very eloquent and haunting. I enjoyed the fact that LeGuin did not romanticize the generation ship concept. The story was gritty and focused on how humanity will react when isolated from their kind. I loved the twist on the sacrifice of the founders of the mission. Supposedly they sacrificed the most in the mission as they would not live to see its completion yet the ultimate sacrifice was bestowed upon the future generations of the mission. What does anyone else think? Glad to find another reader!

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