Nov 2, 2003
I'm thinking of starting in on the David Gemmel books, problem is, he has so many books that it would take a long time to find out which books and which series to read in which order. So, if anyone would be kind enough to tell my in which order to buy them in that would be great. Thanks!
You know, that's an interesting question. Something I like to know too, since I'm too lazy to look it up.

I worked at a library and there were many many books of Gemmel in the fantasy section. He was pretty popular!
Waylander Kid.... then go for white wolf, and swords of n&d, then go back to basics.... but,... youll have a much better apretiation for his caracters..... like DRUSS ext.... to me is his detail when it comes to normal situations,.. that get my attention, and when the battle comes, you have a very good picture of who is who,... and why is this caracter able to do this or that better than with other writers.... enjoy
Wo Wo Wo...

If your only starting i think that it only right that you read his first ever book, Legend.... Druss is about 62, then (and this will happen) when you are intrugued by his character and spirit you can go back and read Drusses chronicles, The Legend of Deathwalker etc. That way Legend is like a prequal and you can actually read about him from when he was 18. Although Waylanders series would be a good start, you can't beat a good seige of 9500 against half a millionat the Dros Delnoch...

the first book i ever read was warriors in the shadow,it got me hooked, thing was its somewhere in the middle of the series wich i regret, if u prefear to start from the beginning of the series they are

Drenai books : Legend
Damned books: white wolf
Jon shannow books:wolf in shadow
Stones of power books:Ghost king
Hawk queen books:Irionhands daughter
Rigent books:Sword in the storm

theres also individual tales and a large series
I would start with Legend, then go back and read First Chronicles of Druss the Legend and Legend of Deathwalker before going on. These, IMHO, are the defining works of Mr. Gemmell's body of work, and Druss is the defining character. That said, they are ALL worth buying and reading (over and over and over).
Hey - start with Sword in the Storm and then read the other three Rigante books. Me and my sister reckont they're the best. Also, read White Wolf and The Swords of Night and Day! Everything else will follow on from there.
Good info here on book order but not read anyththing by this author.

Who is this author similar to in terms of writing style, characterization and plot/storyline????
It's almsot alwyas best to go in order of publication, and in this case this holds true. It may not be chronologicaly correct, but the books are written that way for a reason to make certain revelations stand out. If your going to read the Drenai novels read Legend first - anything else would be ridiculous.
GOLLUM said:
Good info here on book order but not read anyththing by this author.

Who is this author similar to in terms of writing style, characterization and plot/storyline????

I am amazed!:) :)

It about a hero/action man named Druss. He has lots of fights to help damsel in distress/young lad in distress. Not too much blood and guts description, thank goodness. Gemmel's characterization of Druss is very good, gives a real insight into his mind, his way of thinking and working things out.

Gemmel is certainly no Erikson or Martin. His writing reminds me a little of R.A.Salvatore and Moorcock. However, others will probably have a different view, a newer view than mine. It was a number of years ago since I read them.
Ainulindale said:
What an incredible insult to Moorcock.:eek: .

As I said, others will have a different and newer view.:)

I didn't dislike his books, it's just that I prefer a different type of fantasy.:)
Ainulindale said:
What an incredible insult to Moorcock.:eek: .

I can appreciate why Gemmell would be considered to be like Moorcock, mainly because of the type of fantasy story it is. I dont think the writing style was considered similar and I'm sure no insult was meant.
I can assure you, no insult was meant. It was just an observation based on my particular leanings to certain styles of writing and storylines.:)

could you please tell me in wich of Gemmell's books appears Dace? :) thx

it's quite interesting, because this writer is new to me and my real name is Dace, so... I would like to know more about that book...
the book dace was in was dark moon he is a sort of alter ego of a character named Tarantio he is the killer within him and only appears in battle it has been a few years since I've read it so can't really remember the story
I started with Ravenheart.. but then I always start in the middle... Personally, I would start with the Rigante as I think they are better books, but it's all good, so yeah. Either the first in the Rigante series (is it Sword in the Storm??) or Legend, as has already been said...
Anywhere. Then try to place where, from world history, the stories originated.
Some prefer to read in order, however, where is the discovery of why that event or person came to be what or who they were?

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