Heroes Episode 7: Nothing to Hide

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
****** SPOILERS!!!! ******

Good, but...I'm beginning to feel there are too many people with extraordinary abilities around.

Psycho woman's husband, her kid, a new radioactive man...

The danger is that the more "heroes" there are, the less differrent and therefore heroic the main characters?


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Aug 8, 2007
Read the X-men comic book for your answers here...

its the whole idea that humanity is slowly evolving and therefor more and more people will develop powers. as yet this is the only way the series is being developed - we havent been led to believe this is just some mass experiment on DNA (this would be V bad if they went down this road).

The best thing about hero's is that there humanising the experience - there not putting on spandex and "fighting crime" - there real people some will be greedy some wont.

The best personification to this is Peters brother... he's a Senitor now but he can fly... so what he can fly - as he says his ability to fly will have no realistic impact to people but his position does... but his postition makes him take some horrible decisions to very dark places.

Its not really a program about superpowered people.. its about people with powers and how their lives move along. I dont think you'll see them "teaming up to fight crime" together... indeed its going to be a series where you have a lot of shifting alliances based on thous tough decisions all people face.

at some point I expect them to write a plot where one person with powers does try to emulate comic book heros and it'll be interesting to see how the "heros" react to this person when the media get involed in this person - and where the public will go with this.

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