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Aug 21, 2007
A happy home
Seem to be sooo many threads in this forum I haven't chnced to look beyond the 1st 6 pages and so apolagize if i repeat any previous thread.

Was wondering if anyone around was into/had been into the Asterix comics. I absolutely loved these, a wee bairn and infact still like to relax before the fire with 1 and a couple of beers now.

Just be good to know if others liked the epic tales of the little an large gauls as much as i did! :)
I do indeed. Started collecting them when I lived in India over 10 years ago. India seems to have a love affair with Asterix and Tin Tin.

I have most of the comics and pick up the odd one whenever I can (usually on trips to the UK to attend conventions).

And yes .... I don't have a fireplace but I usually sit out on the balcony with a cup of Earl Grey and read them or am in bed reading. They never seem to pall.
teehee, lucky luke? don't think I've seen that.
Asterix in bed is always a good pick-me-up, just makes me happy and ready to face another day.
Don't think I'll ever grow out of them either one of those timeless series you enjoy your whole life and never get really bored of even when you've read all of them several hundred times:).

Any favourites anyone? For me it's probably Legionary, Switzerland, Banquet, Magic Carpet or Britain, which is actually quite a selection, lol. Oh well.

Liked TinTin but was never so into it, and still haven't read The Crab With The Golden Claws, it's the only one I haven't read:(.
My childhood early teens would have been boring without Asterix,Obelix and co. Lucky Luke too.

They gave me alot of fun hours at library after school.

I read them even today sometimes and enjoy them.

I read Tintin too but my fav was Asterix.
Another Asterix and Tintin fan putting up hand. I discovered these as a kid, fell in love with both, and still reread my entire tatty collection from time to time with much pleasure. Asterix still makes me laugh. Anyone recall the "He's serving a half-pint of mild and bitter" joke? Also still cackle at the antics of Captain Haddock out of Tintin. I love the visual style and the visual humour of both Asterix and Tintin. Not to mention the billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon.
Count me in as well...
They're one of the few comic-books you can read and re-read and still find new things to find funny.
And I love the names (Ptenisnet, the Egyptian, anyone?):D
I must admit that I've only ever read? them in French, so the names (and jokes, for that matter) don't carry across. Still, I have worked through them all, and enjoyed them, even if I started late.
and Lucky Luke of course
And Gaston Gaffe
m'enfin – Lagaffe has perdu so "La" when translated? Fears that M'moiselle Jeanne will consider him effeminate? I wonderhow they translate "Mouette rieuse".

Rides off into the sunset singing "I'm a poor lonesome cowboy"
I've heard of Lucky Luke, by Asterix' creators, but I've never managed to get hold of it in english (the only language I'm really comfortable reading).

I love Asterix, though, and the half pint of mild and bitter, when Obelix carried Vitalstatistix one handed after the loss of his shield-bearers was an absolute delight. And how about the legionaries guarding Cacophonix, Sendervictoruis and Appianglorius ?:D
I LOVED Atserix as a kid. I'm now 26, and picked up Asterix and the Normans the other day, from a second hand book shop.

Fantastic! Even better than I remember, and I'm now enjoying them on a whole new level ...
I saw great comic book collections with Lucky Luke collected year wise. From 1962-67 and so on.

It made my day cause i read the first ever LL story and saw i had never read it before.

As a kid you didnt read comic books in order but you found one and read just for the fun. Now that i know better i will get and read Asterix,Lucky Luke,Tintin from issue 1 to the last.
In the mid 70s my school library had all the then-released Asterix books, as well as a few in French and Latin. They were all terrific. I currently have only a few, but I'm hoping one day to own the entire set. The names were great, the sound effects (*PAF!*) were great, the stories were great, the running jokes and cultural references were great, it was all great.
Having said that the series is brilliant, I would qualify that slightly by adding that the books written and published after the death of Goscinny aren't quite up to the standard set by the ones before.

IMHO, of course.
Gee, I'd forgotten this thread.

Having said that the series is brilliant, I would qualify that slightly by adding that the books written and published after the death of Goscinny aren't quite up to the standard set by the ones before.

IMHO, of course.

Unfortunatlley I have to agree.

The thing I loved, as others mentioned, is the layered humour. Reading as a child I loved the crash-bash story lines, weird clothing and auro of invincibility of the charachters. Everytime I re-read I spot a reference to something which I didn't understand before. Actually, I think the books are more serious, in terms of commentary on modern society, than people give them credit for.
Just be good to know if others liked the epic tales of the little an large gauls as much as i did! :)

Of course, Asterix along with Tintin and ahem...Archie :eek:, Graphic novel adaptations of Heman etc. etc. kept me busy (and alive for that matter) in the library with a handful of fellow nerds while the other 'normal' kids played on the grounds...Beats the hell out of being beaten the crap out of by the bullies.;)

Cheers, DeepThoughts
Three more have been published since the last post in this thread.

Asterix and the Picts
Asterix and the Missing Scroll
Asterix and the Chariot Race

Quite apart from issues of who writes and draws (and translates) Asterix these days, we should also consider that the series might run out of potential stories.
Would anyone enjoy Asterix The Bard, Asterix and the Pirates, or Asterix Down Under?
My father had collection of 5 or 6 of these in hardback book form, one story in each one, which he gave to me years ago. I still have them (somewhat buried behind stuff now sadly and thus not easily accessed) and remember reading over them again and again. Never really thought of them as "comics" (comics were american super hero things). This thread makes me think that I really should start to collect the rest and read it all! Always loved the adventures and I've seen a few of the animated and (very quirky!) live action films.
I have all bar the last two mention by @Harpo, but some are in a very small format which is now too small for these aged eyes of mine, so I really must get around to replacing them. I still re-read them regularly; they are my go to read along with a glass of red wine when settling down for a soak in the tub! :D