(Found) The Weather Man


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Aug 6, 2007
If I was old when I was young, now that I'm old ca
Greetings all!

I've thought of this story a number of times recently (i.e., the last decade), then a conversation just a few minutes ago about Discovery Channel's show(s) about weather control brought it to a head.

It was probably in the mid-60s, possibly published earlier, a fairly long 'short' story in an anthology as I remember. It followed the progression of a weather event from the citizen's request, through legislative approval and authorization, then the scientific determination and analysis of side-effects, then a technical section on the manipulation of the sun to produce the desired effect, ending with the citizen enjoying the event.

During the mid-60s I read quite a number of anthologies and novels that I only learned much later were as old as I or even more! Then, in the mid-70s I went through a period of recreational chemical and botanical research, so I'm not always certain how accurate my memories are...

I deeply appreciate any help finding this slightly obscure piece.jw