The Untold Truth About Michael O'Hare


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Apr 13, 2015
The stigma around mental illness, and the fact he wanted to hide his mental illness until after his death may have prevented him from getting treatment beforehand.

But from what I can gather, he was psychotic at the time when he first met Jerry Doyle. Maybe even before the first season. He should've been able to get the help he needed.


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Nov 14, 2013
Re: Michael O'Hare talks about Jerry Doyle

I never said that Jerry Doyle was a saint, far from it. In fact, there has been reports from certain cast members who said that Doyle was very difficult to work with at times as well.

In any case, I was glad that O'Hare was fired from the show because he was a terrible actor. I've seen puppets act better than this guy. Bruce Boxlitener was a much better leading man, by far.
too bad ohare couldn't control his demons wooden actor or not.

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Jan 30, 2016
One reason if I love a show that I never read anything about the actors in them.


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Apr 1, 2017
Somewhat ironic isn't it? That Doyle appears to have been the one long suffering from addiction and substance abuse.

Fresh into season 2 wondering where sinclair went..found way more info (and a lot more misinformation) than I ever wanted.

I concur with the sentiments that sinclair was the idealized commander. It's a shame the fault was in our stars.


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Aug 19, 2019
But if O'Hare was taking cocaine and attacking people, I do think it would have been better if he were arrested and got the help he needed much sooner than he did.

Certain medications can cause you to gain/loose weight which may be why he got fat, I mean, I gained some weight when I was on omeprazole and citalopram which I used for a few months.
He was not self-medicating with anything, nor did he have any drinking problem or drug issue. According to JMS' book, this actually made things more difficult - because he was NOT dangerous to himself or others, he could not be put under involuntary observation, and - and this was rather implied - he was even a good enough actor to put on a good face and disguise his symptoms from his family! (Indeed, there was an article written after his death by a family friend, and he obviously had no idea, either!) - The big problem with paranoid schizophrenics is that the illness itself stops them for realizing that they need treatment, they don't trust anyone - but they cannot be forced to get treatment if they don't cause trouble. He made inappropriate comments (the kinds were not specified, but it's pretty common for severely mentally ill people to lose the sense for privacy. There was no news about O'Hare doing public undressing a la Jennifer Lien, or, at least!) but issues showed mainly when he was tired. Then his thought patterns just got messed up and he did not make any sense. He admitted to hear voices, and a scene described by JMS subtly tells the reader that he must have had visual hallucinations as well.

The guy did not have a gently caressing hope. Schizophrenia causes issues with memory recall and focus, loss of facial expressions and emotional perception and whatnot. For an actor, like a bullet into the head. Up to the 90s, most antipsychotics turned one into a jerkingly moving zombie over time. The first atypical antipsychotics appeared in clinical practice at the time O'Hare got treatment, but they cause weight gain and issues with long term effectivity and increased risks of lung embolism and heart attack associated with them came clear by around 2010.

I think O'Hare portrayed Sinclair quite well, but it would have needed all his remaining self-awareness and some kind of iron will, and I think he must have had mastered methods for reality-checking (and the incident with the car radio with Jerry would have been one...), how??? or why??? guess he took to his grave. Jerry hints in an interview at IGN that MOH did not 'do the work at home' but at work. If, as JMS describes, MOH was a mess by the end of the day, he really only was able to get prepaired next morning or on set.

Of course, psychosis symptoms to an extent overlap with drug abuse, and on a board someone described a con evening when O'Hare obviously started to hallucinate and talk nonsense, and other occasions when he appeared to be barely lucid. However, regarding Jerry: he probably knew that this was not a drug issue, as he knew "how to wind him up just to watch him to spin out, and used every opportunity to do so". - He would have observed some pattern. By riling him up, he was working against JMS' and Netter's efforts to ease the stress on O'Hare and with that, his symptoms. Not nice. Irony is, both O'Hare and Doyle were paranoid, just for JD it surfaced in a more sociably acceptable form (conspiracy theories).

Regarding this Netter Digital Entertainment Inc 1996 Optional form for annual and transition reports of small business issuers 10KSB , the claim was filed end June 1995, that's already around a year after finishing production of the 1st season with MOH, so unlikely related.

Another interesting thing is, that Andrea Thompson indeed had a harassment case, but that was against her Italian costume designer, with whom she started a relationship indeed while being married to Jerry - that must have pissed him off! - , but that ended and the guy stalked her afterwards for months. He ended up getting deported from the US.
Designer to Be Imprisoned, Deported for Stalking Actress
Andrea did not marry Jerry until 1995, and her child's father is not Jerry, despite giving his name.
Seems like many different little things added up and mixed up to a rumour avalanche over the years.


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Aug 19, 2019
I think this explains pretty succinctly what was originally at the very start intended:
It is pretty dramatic:
The various wars would be played out but not be brought to an end, they would be left unfinished at the shows five-year conclusion
Which would end with the station being attacked and destroyed
It was this that Sinclair saw when he had the flash forward in Babylon Squared
A NEW second five-year series would then begin, Babylon Prime, set on Babylon 4 which would have been transported to 2263 not into the past
With this new mobile base - remember the emphasis on B4 having engines - our rebels would have everyone after them it seems
Shades of the intentions for Crusade there

And I thought everything done in the latter half of season 4 to wrap up the civil war when they thought the series would go down with PTEN was dramatic.

Also I hate to dredge up the past or delve in potential personal problems that aren't anyone elses business, but JMS putting out public requests asking if anyone knows the whereabouts or status of O'Hare seems like an extreme measure to take, and, well, the sort you might make for someone that has had that sort of rumoured trouble.
And have a read of Netter Digital Entertainments public listing on the stock market, specifically legal proceedings:
Never mind that Netter Digital Entertainments did not even exist at the time when season 1 with O'Hare in production yet, which was the second half of 1993 and first quarter of 1994. It was Foundation Imaging who was doing the job at that time. Netter Digital Entertainments was founded only in 1995. So finding any legal proceedings against Netter would be a different case than Doyle claims to have happened. But thanks to whomever who came up with that file first, even this many years later it is quoted as a support for that claim. Although we will never know the whole details of O'Hare's inappropriate behavior, the two cases are for sure not connected. And the fact that the NDE file was still mentioned on a discussion forum just the other day shows how lasting anything can survive and float around for YEARS, regardless whether they are true or not or how damaging they are, and how little people look into the details before they spread any news.

So, apart from Netter not existing during season 1, if anyone can be bothered to look into the further details of the case in the later files, here:
...they can find how much later the claim was filed and when it was closed:


In connection with a sexual harassment claim for unspecified damages filed
against the Company and other third parties in the Los Angeles Superior Court on
June 27, 1995, the matter has been settled as of June 30, 1996
to the mutual
satisfaction of all parties. All settlement costs have been paid by a third
party. Accordingly, no provisions by the Company were necessary.