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Aug 1, 2004
This is a word count thread. It is meant to inspire people to write more.
It works the same as the system of Nanowrimo if anyone knows it.

It comes down to the following:
You state your project(s) and you state your word count on them in a reply. Then as your writing progresses, you update your writing profile by adding what more words you have written. You can set limits for yourself that the people who read this thread may or may not send you private messages to incite you to write more when they see that you are writing less than planned.

Hopefully things will be clearer when you read the first reply. As you'll be able to see, I'm not writing on too much right now, so please don't be shy and try to have other people inspire you to go for it.

Note: you can drop out/put all your things on hold at anytime, but please notify other people so that they don't end up putting efforts in inspiring messages if you are busy or aren't writing because of other reasons than lack of pressure.
1-Finished documents:
(you can state some or all, it doesn’t matter)
Short story: Creative writing: 7155 words
Short story: What goes around comes around: 2160 words

2-Unfinished documents:
-Novel?: ‘How!’
genre: scifi
word count: 7492
status: on hold. (reason: very rough draft and more research required)
-Novel?: ‘The drinks had been fine’
genre: non fictive fiction
word count: 4666
status: on hold. Planning to translate and finish it in Dutch, some 1000 words translated.
Short story: ‘Would you?’
Genre: Urban, crime
Word count: 1879
Status: Active (you’re allowed to bug me with messages if it doesn’t go up in word count after the 29th of June (till then I have exams)). Hereby I mean if I don't write a single word for 3 days
Actually Melanie, that was not the sort of reply I meant. It should be like:
36574 words. and then every time you write more, you add the word count for others to see. Then when others notice that you are actually not writing anything, they can send you messages to stimulate you. But agh not much seem interested I guess...:(
So you don't feel so bad, scalem...

Unfinished: (everything, pretty much)

Novel: Untitled (Excerpts here and here)
Genre: Fantasy (Epic/Dynastical)
Word Count: 12 763
Status: Active, if a little slow...
Novel: provisional title 'the Phoenix Takes Flight'
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 7731
Status: I'm trying to write 1000 words a day and failing miserable. Please feel free to nudge me!
Novel (untitled (I'm useless at titles))
Genre: Um...Fantasy, I'm going to say.
Word Count: 56,824
Status: Don't shout at me yet, please, as I can't write much until I return home for the summer holiday. Then I'll be able to get some writing done!

Novel: A working title of The Seven Divines, but that'll probably change as it's naff :D
Genre: Fantasy
Word count: 102,469
Status: Put on hold for quite a while because it needs some serious attention and reworking.
Novel Provisional title Annkhammerad RIsing
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Word Count:76,090
Status: I'm heading for between 500 and 1000 words per day. I am currently flagging behind.

Short Story: No title as of yet
Word Count: 433
Status: On Hiatus at the moment whilst I figure how to proceed with the story.
Actually Melanie, that was not the sort of reply I meant. It should be like:
36574 words. and then every time you write more, you add the word count for others to see. Then when others notice that you are actually not writing anything, they can send you messages to stimulate you. But agh not much seem interested I guess...:(

I realize that, but finishing one project means going on to another. It was still words written, although the exact count is lost. Editing will add more.
Bleurgh... I've got ideas for just over 40 different products, with nice little documetns saved for each of them with the title in big, bold letters... and that's about it.

There are two main ones I'm working on at the moment (when I say working on, I mean the last things I've written for some months), so those I shall put down:

Novel: Hockwynd I (Book 1 of 3)
Genre: Sci-Fi... ish.
Word Count: 18
Status: I've got notes everywhere - a quarter of my corkboard has been given over specially to it... but work isn't getting done. :( Now that I've not got exams to worry about, I should be able to get at least a few words done a week.

Novel: Fear of Staplers
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy... kinda.
Word Count: 762
Status: As above, except there's only three A4 sides of typed notes. In fact, I'll start working on it now.
Currently at 9480 words, builders that the landlord has so kindly inflicted on us and packing are slowing things
Nope, Hockwynd has 22 with the title and other little bits.

Fear of Staplers
has 756 if you don't take the title and other little bits into account.

Anyway, just to make myself feel better:

Novel: [The Worlds of Muldrum:] The Way of the Imp
Genre: Fantasy.
Word Count: 17,958 (17,976)
Status: Just over 50 pages, and I'm feeling the need to re-write a lot of it. But I'm going to wait until I don't have school taking up my time.

Novel: [The Worlds of Muldrum:] The Last Vempier
Genre: Fantasy.
Word Count: 11,581 (11,597)
Status: This is on hold until I change various elements of my plot.
Novel: Code Ares
Genre: Science Fiction/Military SF
Word count: 347
Status: In development ... I think.

Short Story: The Interstellar War
Genre: Military SF
Word count: 2830
Status: In development

Interference: Shimmer - 100,000 (in post-production edit)

Interference: The Return of the Elementals - 60,000 (unfinished)

Interference: Niche Magic - 40,000 (I'm just guessing, now)

Interference: Ricki - outlined and plotted

Short Stories:

Waiting in Godalming - 10,000 (still needs work)

The First Shimmer - 5000 (working on the ending)

Reliably Uncertain - 5000 (about finished)

Wronged - 2000 (finished)


Hellhunter - 20 pages (book 1 complete-ish)

Hellhunters - 5 pages (book 2, still working)

Various others - unfinished

Various other others - finished with


Working on that tricky third album:D

Audience - 3 ("... somebody check these ratings ..." - Max Headroom, the Movie)

Publication Record - 0

Eyesight - bleary

Bills - mostly paid

Job satisfaction - oxymoron :mad:

Confidence rating - sub-Zero :cool: and that's cooool

Brag quotient - perversely high, I just know it looks a lot better than it really is, so I like looking at it a lot ... :rolleyes:
Like me. Too much interference. Especially lately since I found the Chrons. *ouch*

Trilogy: The Guardians ~ Book 1. Sonaria
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 76, 899
Status: Not quite half way. Looking for 180, 000> Been on hold since finding this site

Trilogy: Dark Son ~ Book 1. Dark Disciple
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 154, 078
Status: Most of it has been edited. Only wrote the prologue the other day. That's how it goes, write the beginning near the end, LOL. Trying for 1500 a day on each. Unclean of course. :)

Novel: Ankhammerad Rising
Genre Adult Fantasy
Word Count 76432 ( A whopping 300 words extra.)
Status: On Hold until I get a fully working computer back

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