Lovecraft-Derleth Letters

j d worthington

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May 9, 2006
Well, I just got a notice that there's going to be a 2-volume set of the Lovecraft-Derleth correspondence coming out later this year:

The Letters of H. P. Lovecraft and August Derleth - Hippocampus Press

They'll also be publishing a book of Donald Sidney-Fryer's Atlantis Fragments (a definitive edition of his cycle Songs and Sonnets Atlantean), a book on W. Paul Cook (a colleague of HPL's, and one of -- if not the main -- influences that got him writing fiction again after a 9-year hiatus), as well as a scheduled volume of Lovecraft's letters to James F. Morton (mentioned in an earlier thread), and the release of a new book in the "Lovecraft's Library" set:

An Exchange Of Souls by Barry Pain AND Lazarus by Henri Béraud - Hippocampus Press

EDIT: *sigh* Well, either I hit it too lightly, or the "t" stuck... that should be "Lovecraft" in the title of this thread, of course.... hoooo boy.....


Subspace Dowson
Apr 19, 2007
I am looking forward to the letters, as well as to the Donald Sidney-Fryer. I already have all three volumes of the sequence, but this is welcome nonetheless.