An ocean apart: Mara and Fox?

Aug 11, 2007
I think it can, it just takes a little creativity...and Julie certainly has that!!!

I really have no idea what will happen but I love reading all your guys opinions. But I don't think it would be soooo bad if there was a lovely happy ending, everyone likes those, but you're right apogee it does seem a little unrealistic. There are soooooooooooo many possibilties and I can imagine each of them in my head. Whatever happens I just hope that NONE of us are disappointed!

Although, I am certain we won't be... :)
Jul 29, 2007
Personally, I prefer the character's stories how they are-strung into seperate stories. Its more interesting that way, just as long as what they are doing affects the overall plot or the moral/meaning of the story.

*sigh* Do any of you know how to change your username? I think mines slightly whacked out...just slightly...


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Jul 9, 2007
I doubt there is a way. I don't think I've come across a talk forum that lets you and I've spend far too long on a lot of different ones in the past 6 or 7 years.

Odd this is one of the most active threads and this is my first post, probably because in order to discuss the future we have to talk about the past and I don't to write spoilers, even in a thread that is so obviously full of them.

I know we're attached to the characters now and based on Zenith, Julie seems much less keen to kill people off but by the time Mara found her way past the walls around New Mungo in Exodus there were only two major characters still left alive from earlier in the book (three if you count Fox, though we wasn't really in it yet. Four if you count Tain but we can't be certain about that). My point being that Julie can be ruthless if she wants, "As ruthless as the sea that engulfs them" to quote no one whatsoever, its just a cool line so I stuck it in quotes :) .
My speculative side is marred by the fact that it took me probably about a year to read something I could have managing in a few days had I not left several month gaps in between. I need to sit down and reread both books with the pace and endepthment they deserve.
Yes I know endepthment isn't a word, but its like 25C, the middle of the night, and it sounds good... I'm thinking I need sleep.
Oct 21, 2009
Mara and Fox Forever!!

I have a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen to Fox. Not to be mean, but i personally think it would make it a more interesting story. BUT..... I still want them to be together. Their love is true. Mara refused Tuck's love, and I think Fox would do the same as well. ( Am I close Julie?)
May 25, 2007
Fox would DEFINITELY reject Tuck's love, were he ever to offer it. :p

Sorry, just being cheeky and playing on your words there. I knew what you meant!

Aurora is finished. I hope you can read it asap!


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Apr 9, 2010
Yes - Molendinar!!!!!

Mol loves mistah KFC...

So Mistah KFC can leave Mara alone...

So Mara can find the love of her life...

And they can live happily ever after... with their daughter... sniff....

(no joke I'm getting choked up here...) ;)
Oct 21, 2009
I feel bad for Tuck, but i think the way he acted toward mara was kinda rude. i mean he KNEW tht she loved fox but then decided to take her only connection toward him and try to "make a move on"
Apr 29, 2010
SLY! (faviourite author)

isit REALY true that aurora going 2 take a 13 year leap?

When you said that its coming in early 2011 i was hoping that it will come out on the 1/1/11
I luv the books and i cant wait till the 3rd one comes out - at the last page of zenith it sounded like a 10 years later thing where the sea went through the tunnels of ilera... then i read the QA thingy and i was SOOO happy that aurora was bieng written up :D

does Mara ever get her cyberwiz back from tuck?
Has wing definetly drowned? i was never clear about that..

Apr 13, 2011
I think Mara and Rowan are going to be together . . . though I still wish it was Fox. But if Mara got back together with Fox, it would seem to much of a happy ending. And 13 years . . . that just makes it seem even more unlikely. But Lily makes me wish even more it will be Fox, though I think it's Rowan. :eek: Why does it have to be so confusing????????????

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