Any good review blogs or sites for POD and small press fantasy novels?

Laura Stamps

Urban Fantasy Novelist
May 3, 2007
My magickal urban fantasy novels ("The Witchery Se
I like to buy small press fantasy novels when I can find them. Most of these novels are not found in bookstores and have to be ordered from the publisher's or author's websites.

Here's my question. Are there any good review sites or blogs that review or talk about small press or POD fantasy books. It seems the ones I usually use have stopped reviewing. POD-dy Mouth (POD-dy Mouth) was a really good one for all kinds of small press and POD books, but she stopped posting a few months ago. I'd love to find another review site like that one. It was a good place to find out about a book and then do a Google search to find out more, so I could make a decision to buy it or not.

If you buy small press fantasy books, how do you find out about these since most are not sold in bookstores? :confused: