Looking for Very Specific Book Recommendations

Jul 1, 2006
Hi everyone,

I've recently written an SF novel and am in the process of editing it. I know the next step is to find an agent so what I need to start doing is reading novels similar to my own and then querying the agents who represented them so that I can add that crucial personal element to the letter.

Basically, I'd love it if someone could recommend books that are similar to my own in theme, story structure and/or subgenre. Here's what mine looks like:

<> It's CHARACTER DRIVEN (important!) in that the characters live, love and learn, and ultimately make the decisions that drive the plot forward. It is not a "We need to react to this grave situation and save the world!" kind of plot structure.

<> It's dark, urban science fiction a la Neuromancer, except that it is NOT cyberpunk (though it contains those elements).

<> It deals with telepathy. The main character and a bunch of the minor characters have telepathic abilities because of experiments conducted during World War III.

<> It is a coming of age story wherein the main character, a teenager, meets with a Mentor who helps him understand himself, his ability and his conflicted past.

<> It is a love story wherein the main character falls in love with a girl whose past is mysteriously linked to his own. She has a jealous older sister and a love triangle forms that is ultimately destructive.

<> It is an epic story in that the hero leaves his homeland (dark city under totalitarian government rule), goes into the postapocalyptic West (read: American wasteland, Western theme of rugged individualism) where, after his training, he faces several dangerous and life-changing conflicts, falls in love, almost dies and then is "reborn" into a much more powerful version of himself and ultimately takes part in a battle and a tragedy that changes the course of history, for better and for worse.

Any ideas? Also (maybe this is a shortcut) if anyone knows of any agents who like to deal with this kind of work especially, please let me know.


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May 8, 2006
I can't think of any titles that fit all those points, but a couple that do come to mind for some of them are Altered Carbon, Richard Morgan, and Nimbus, Alexander Jablokov. (No doubt loads more titles will occur to me seconds after I've posted this...)