Albert - the Lovesick Albatross


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Oct 30, 2006
BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | Highlands and Islands | No romance for lovesick albatross

"A lovesick albatross has spent the last 40 years unsuccessfully looking for romance in Scotland, 8,000 miles away from his natural breeding grounds.

The lonely bird, dubbed Albert, is thought to have first arrived in Scotland after being blown off course in the South Atlantic in 1967.
For the past four decades he has been engaged in a futile attempt to woo gannets on several remote islands.
But experts said Albert had no prospect of finding a mate so far from home.
Albert was first seen by bird watchers flying over the Firth of Forth just days before Celtic won the European Cup in 1967. The giant bird was seen desperately trying to mate with two-foot high gannets. His seven-foot wingspan later took him north to Shetland, where he continued searching in vain for a mate."