Nations in the Elric Saga


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Apr 20, 2007
Hello all !
I haven't read Moorcock's books, even though I intend to but I can't easily find them here (in France, and I want to read them in English).

But I am playing a game with some friends which uses the world from Elric as a map. I would've liked to know as much as possible about the countries there before playing, but as I can't get the books...

Google has been very helpful to find out about Melniboné, but what about Argimilar, Dharijor, Shazaar, Lormyr, Vilmir and especially Ilmioria ? Are they well described in the books ? What are they like ?

Thank you in advance !
are you playing the Stormbringer role playing game from Chaosium?
that is a fantastic game, and if you can get hold of the rule book, there are some basic descriptions of the nations (enough to get the feel of them)

try here to see if there is somewhere near you that stocks Stormbringer (and check out the BRP &Stormbringer downloads as there are a couple of maps you can download and there may be some more background info on one or two of the nations
Thank you for your answer Urlik ! And sorry I didn't reply earlier, I had forgotten my password ^^

Actually I'm playing Diplomacy, which is a board game a bit like Risk (except better :) ). It's only the map that's inspired from Moorcock's stories, here it is :
Variantes de diplomatie -- Diplomatie-online

But the game is more fun if you can role-play the country you're playing. In fact just knowing what the three-letter codes stand for would be way cool (but that only requires finding a map on google, whereas I haven't found anything about the culture, the history or the politics of any of these kingdoms...).

Thank you for the tip, I'll try to find out about Stormbringer !

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