Bit chuffed.

Susan Boulton

The storyteller
Mar 15, 2006
Not sure if this is the place to put this, but this year is shaping up well with regards to my writing.

In January I sold a short story to Meadowhawk Press.

In March I sold a Flash fiction to EQ books for Flashspec Volume Two.

Just heard that

a; short story I had submitted for a Gothic Romance Anthology has made it through the first of three readings to select the final contents. Not quite on the short list, but off the slush. Very pleased with that.

b; A US agent has requested three chapters and a synopsis from a query I sent back in November. As the agent, (according to their blog) only selects about 30 part samples out of 500 plus queries I feel very chuffed to make it that far. Not banking on getting further, they only ask for about 2 full manuscripts out of the 30.

So maybe ten years of trying is at last paying off a little. Or perhaps I finally got the hang of targeting the correct markets for my stories. (I am very slow on the up-take at times ;) )

Ian Whates

Author and Editor
Sep 8, 2006
Can't really add much to what has been said above, but would like to add my warm wishes to the rest! :)