[Dresden] Proven Guilty query (possible spoilers)


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Apr 29, 2006
I'm reading this at the moment

and there's a bit where Dresden talks about Maeves handmaiden crashing the werewolves wedding.

I don't remember this at all....could anyone tell me what book this was in. I've either genuinely forgotten reading it (which wouldn't surprise me) or I've missed a book :eek:

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Mar 2, 2007
Re: Proven Guilty query (possible spoilers)

I just finished reading all the books through Proven Guilty. The wedding crashing was not in any of the books. From what I could figure it was supposed to happen some time between Dead Beat and Proven Guilty. If you can remember, in Dead Beat after Billy helps get him away from the necromancers at the beginning of the story outside of the bookstore, they take Dresden to Billy's fiancae's home, and that was where he found out that they were engaged. There was nothing in the rest of the story about them getting married and like you said it was mentioned at the beginning of Proven Guilty.

There is a well put together timeline at the Jim Butcher website forum. Here's the link.

Series Timeline

Just saw this on the timeline. Guess there was a short story. I'll have to pick it up. :)

"Something Borrowed, the short story from My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding. Billy and Georgia are married, despite the best efforts of Maeve and Jenny Greenteeth. I'm tempted to set this in the Spring of 6 ASF because of vague references to weather conditions (Murphy is just wearing a shirt, and dons a jacket to go into Undertown), but if anyone can find more explicit evidence of when this story takes place, I'd appreciate it.
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Jun 6, 2001
Re: Proven Guilty query (possible spoilers)

btw - that short story is very good ;) And it is really short - 20 pages tops. But it's true Dresden style and quite amusing ;)