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Ender's Game critical review


Apr 16, 2007
My name is Christine and I am attending a high school in San Diego. In my English class we were introduced to the book, Ender’s Game by our teacher and she had told us her opinion and how we would certainly enjoy it also. I have read the chapters and analyzed every aspect of the book and it gave me a greater knowledge of not just what the words said but also the deeper meaning that goes behind it.
Many would have to agree that Ender’s Game brings a whole different level of imagination and thrill while reading it. The story is based on the future and is a constant battle between the humans and buggers. For instance, when Mazer tells Ender, “…the only way we found that works is killing the buggers before they kill us” (296). One of my main dislikes was the never ending descriptions of every battle that Ender went through. For example, with Ender’s first battle, it was longer than necessary because of all the little details explained.
The way Orson Card paced himself in the book he keeps the readers on the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next. The characters of the book were predictable but all still an important part to how the story came along. Card used a very simple but yet effective vocabulary throughout the story and takes his time with each event that undergoes and lets it gradually unfold. He used situations that might happen in our daily lives that we could relate to and almost feel for the characters but twisted them so it would relate to the book.
There are many different types of literary terms that Card used but the one that stands out the most was struggle. Right from the beginning of the book Ender is introduced with the struggle to stand up to his brother and the struggle to stand up to the bullies when he arrives to Battle School. Card also uses foreshadowing. When Bonzo’s followers would group together secretly and talk amongst themselves, you knew something big was going to happen to Ender.
Any individual that is a science fiction lover or even a person that loves a good book now and then will appreciate the suspense and thrill you get while reading Ender’s Game. The whole book is generated around the futuristic world and anyone that enjoys getting lost in the imagination of how the world may be would absolutely enjoy reading it. Ones that may dislike the book would be the individuals that don’t enjoy the fun of picturing the story in their minds and getting lost in it. Some parts of the book can be graphic and maybe a little offensive and I believe Ender’s Game is more suitable for more mature kids to enjoy.