sci-fi channel show intrested in financing a 3rd and final movie


Sep 5, 2006
this was posted by a fan at another Pretender forum, i'm just passing it along.

hi, there :eek:)

this could be a great news!

here's a quote from 'The Pretender' page on Wikipedia:

'On February 27th, 2007 a representative from the Turner Network Television announced they have no intention of financing anymore Pretender movies, even with the positive DVD sales. However, the Sci-Fi television channel has displayed an interest in financing a 3rd and final movie, yet are still in negotiations.'

so here are the Sci-Fi links:

and e-mail address:

please, let's gather our aspirations and hopes and bother them as much as possible and i think we just might have the third tP movie :eek:)


p.s. please, join us at Fox official The Pretender message board:
I remember watching the first two movies a little while ago, so it'd be interesting to see if they finish the set.
*bundles out the tumbleweeds and dusts thread*

A conversation I had earlier today gave rise to this post...

In the recent past as the icing on the reacquainting-myself-with-The Pretender-series-cake, I watched the last Pretender movie Island of the Haunted and found myself miffed anew that a third movie never materialized to tie up loose ends. The revelations, or more precisely the subtle intimations throughout the movie of Jarod's origin and destiny took the storyline on a sharp left turn and opened up more questions than it gave answers. A third movie...Please, sir, I want some more!

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