Coming Soon: LosCon...Help lma decide which panels to go to


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Jun 30, 2003
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It's just less than two weeks until LosCon, and I'm starting to get excited about going. Part of it is that I've missed going the past couple of years. Part of it is that one of my favorite writers, Tim Powers, is going to be the guest of honor this year. There are also lots of good panels in the planning stages, according to the official website for the con.

So, lets make this a game. Click over and find the list of potential panels and presentations, and help me decide which ones I should go to. I always have trouble deciding. And, of course, inevitably there are two I really want to go to scheduled at the same time. So, I can't guarantee that I'll follow all of your sugestions. But, please help...there are just too many choices.:)
Interesting...I checked out the site...but I am still a complete ignoramus, what kind of event is it? It seems like it's pretty cool. A combination convention and charity event.
LosCon is an annual writers' and artists' science fiction convention, put on by the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society. I think they are the oldest continuously running science fiction fan club in the US, and maybe in the world. LosCon is their big fundraiser, as their club is a non-profit entity. The convention has panels (writing panels, science panels, costuming panels, and so forth), gaming, anime room, and all kinds of activites. On the Friday night there's an ice cream social, on the Saturday night there is a Masquerade (costume contest). Usually, one night there is a telescope available for skygazing (although since this year the con is being held at a hotel right next door to L.A. International Airport, I don't know exactly how that's going to work out). Oh, and there's often the opportunity to get books signed by the guests who are writers. In past years, that's where I've gotten books signed by Orson Scott Card and Kage Baker. This year, the Guest of Honor is Tim Powers, and other authors who are scheduled to attend include Gregory Benford, David Gerrold, Barbara Hambly, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Harry Turtledove. In the past when I've attended, guests have included David Brin, Harlan Ellison, and Ray Bradbury, to name only a few of the more famous writers.

It's a lot of fun, and besides that a lot of the panels are really interesting.
That's quite an event! I would definitely check out the costuming and masquerade.
Oh my! Way too many to choose from. Just from a quick look I'd check out the terraforming science panel, the discussion on the top speculative fiction (bring your own list - love it!), I'd like to hear Wendy Pini talk, and the alternate history panel. Then there's comedy in spec. fic. and for film the Godzilla and the Star Trek prime directive discussions...geez, way too many! I'd go nuts! You're gonna have so much fun!
dwndrgn said:
You're gonna have so much fun!
Which is just what I need right now.:)

I'll defintely go to the masquerade. I'm not taking my Ren costume this year (too much washing and ironing!), but I'd really rather just watch the others parade, anyway. Some of the little presentations people work up are absolutely hilarious.

I'd already decided that I'll probably go to the Prime Directive panel, and the top speculative fiction panel. I hadn't thought about some of the other ones you mentioned, dwndrgn, but the alternate history panel sounds interesting now that you mention it.
Hmm, theres quite a list to choose from there! If it were me, I would say you should go to:

"Ian Banks The Unknown Best Selling Author" - Banks is a quality writer, the more people read his stuff the better:)
"Writers Of The Future"
"By Jove! A Look At Roman & Greek Mythology & How It Relates To SF & F"
"New Art Mediums:Using Acid On Metal & Other Unique Materials"
"Who Made 'a da Painting: The Greatest SF/F Artists That Nobody Has Ever Heard Of"
"Bet You Can't Read Just One: A Discussion On The Best Books You Never Heard Of"
"The Shake & Bake Colony - What Does it Take to Terraform a Planet?

Or at least, they'd be at the top of my list (of course I expect your interests to be different to mine - for your sake;)) I wish I could go, I'd happily spend years wandering around somewhere like that...
Damn, I miss organising and attending those kinds of events... *wipes away a tear*

If you are there for the weekend, you gotta do the lot... Would be a shame not to!!!

Avoid the auctions and dealers rooms... You are gonna waste money so quickly!!! (Lots of experience in the past)...

If you are staying at the hotel, get a HUGE breakfast and take along some baggies to fill with things to snack on during the day!!!

Take lots of water!!! It gets hot and sticky!!!
:D Master. Thanks for all the good advice. Don't worry about the food...that's being taken care of. We'll probably have enough food, including thanksgiving leftovers (kept suitably cool), to feed half the Red Army. We don't eat in the hotel restaurants if we can help it. And the con suite usually has bathtubs filled with ice and sodas and water. The first year I went to LosCon I literally spent $1.50 the whole time I was there (after registration and hotel room), for a root beer in the hotel gift shop before I found the con suite. Other than that, we ate in the room every meal all weekend. After that, I've splurged on the Sunday breakfast buffet but other than that ate in the room. You'd be surprised at the variety of things you can cook in a crock pot.

And, I can never afford to go near the auctions, and I hardly ever spend any money in the dealer room - I've got great self-control when it comes to shopping. Anyway, it costs $12.00 a day to park at the hotel:mad: , so I'm not going to be able to afford much else. I had thought about going down on the train, but neither Amtrak nor Metrolink go anywhere near the airport, so that did that idea in.

Cal...I'm thinking that the Mythology panel and "The Best Books You Never Heard Of" panel both sound really interesting.
It sounds like there will be more than enough to keep you busy and no matter which panels you decide to go to-you will be in for a treat. It sounds like I will be at GenCon in Anaheim the same weekend you will be in LA. I will be on the other end of the table, though. I will be selling my book in the dealers room and not playing the games. As a young adult I was big on D & D so it will be hard to see all the games going on and not be able to play :(

Have fun, and have a kind thought for the poor dealers stuck at their booths.

P.S. Had a great time in Angel's Camp-the new book is moving along nicely.

O God, WAY too much to chose from...I'd need six different selves just for the first Friday session...UN, Heinlein, the book repair, etc...Of the other ones, the costume panel at 1pm, Harry Potter at 2:30...can I just plan your day so I can be there at least vicariously? :D

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