10:20 Unending


Lady of Autumn
Oct 26, 2006
Lincolnshire, UK
The last ever episode. So who saw it?

The struggle against the Ori came to a rather spectacular - and a little confusing - ending this episode. Time paradoxes abounded as the group tried to find a way to stop the Ori once and for all.

I enjoyed the episode well enough, and it was good to see the series go out with a bang. It was good to see the older versions of the characters, too.


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Mar 7, 2003
Yep I watched it...it wasn't a bad episode but it was a bit weak for a LAST ep. granted the effects when the Odysy (sorry bad spelling) went bang but on the whole I was expecting something better.

I thought they should have written Jack and Hammond into it too, such a shame they didn't.


Chasing a dream...
Jan 21, 2007
I would have like to see O'Neill and Hammond in this last episode too. They were there at the beginning, and they should have been there at the end.

little smaug

Fire and Brimstone
May 30, 2002
And so the series ends, not with a bang but a whimper. As an episode it wasn't bad, but as a season finale it was a let down, and considering that it was the last episode ever I feel almost cheated.

I wasn't holding my breath for appearances by the likes of Jack or Hammond, although that would have been nice. But I was expecting a huge Ori vs. Earth battle, and I was expecting some closure of the season arc, neither of which happened. There were some fun moments, but this wasn't a finale, it was a mid-season filler episode. I'm disappointed.


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Apr 24, 2002
I'm disappointed. The story felt like it's been done before. It didn't resolve much of anything with the newer bad guys. It didn't even feel like a canon story.

Now ST:NG with "All Good Things" on the other hand had a way of bringing things full circle and looking toward the future (only to leave our hope disappointed with mostly lame movies , but that's off topic).

If you can't resolve anything (for some reason, books, comics, movies, spin-off stories, or something) then at least bring the audience full circle. Give them a view of the journey so far and leave them dreaming of more.


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Jan 5, 2001
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Extremely late to this party (never saw this because of Virgin & Sky.) I have to agree that for a last ever episode it is a bit disappointing and very technobabble. The shippers get to see Daniel and Vala, the Asgard bow out, we see how they would be in old age, but the reset button is pressed. The Ori threat is still out there. What new knowledge did the Asgard give them?

It isn't the final epsiode of course, so when I've watched the rest of what I missed in the last 6 years (Season 11, the end of Atlantis, Universe and Infinity) maybe those questions are answered.

If I'm allowed to become a little retrospective, not having watched it for so long, it was a good series; some of the best TV made. I think it lost itself near the end. I didn't like the addition on Ben Browder and Claudia Black or Beau Bridges.

...appearances by the likes of Jack or Hammond... ...a huge Ori vs. Earth battle, and ...some closure of the season arc...
It didn't resolve much of anything with the newer bad guys. ...a way of bringing things full circle and looking toward the future...
Yes, that is what it should have done and failed completely.


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Sep 15, 2007
UK, Yorkshire
I agree with Dave, and the general sentiment (good episode, not a good finale). I only saw this relatively recently (a few months ago now) because I watched the Pick marathon (freeview channel 11).

The problem I had with Browder and Black was that I've seen most of Farscape, and seeing them as different characters in a sci-fi setting was a bit... odd. I also didn't like Beau Bridges as General Not-Hammond.

My understanding is that the writers only heard this would be the last season shortly after the 200th episode (the silly one where they had Stargate TV ideas like Teal'c PI [which I would actually watch]: Teal´c - Private Investigation (Ep.200) - YouTube ) so they didn't have time to really wrap it up.

I've not seen the post-season 10 TV movies, so I don't know how (or how well) the Ori storyline is resolved.