Biggest Cave Crystals Found!!!

whoa, pretty darn cool.

but really, i'd guess the best thing they can do with those is simply preserve them so that other people can appreciate them.

the larger the crystal the more impurities it would contain, therefore the kinds of light-based applications these things might be useful for are prolly better suited to manufactured materials, such as various types of glass composites.

or maybe use one for "dark crystal II"... i dunno. :p
I once made crystals out of copper sulphate with my childrens' geeko chemistry set 2.

That was last week.

Next week I plan to make a substance that will make the sea turn pink.
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Yep. Andrew is on form for true....:p

M.T.: Thanks for that. Those are quite nifty. I've a love of caves and crystal structures, have had since I was a kid. Things like this never fail to charm me no end. Thanks for bringing this one in!:)
Not sure what you could use crystals that big for, and I'm not sure I'd want to break up such a natural wonder like that. I'm constantly being surprised by Nature's beauty.
Wow... thanks for the link! A real wonder. I hope it'll be preserved forever as a museum of nature.
Incidentally, this may need to be shifted to general science, as it really doesn't belong in paleontology.....

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