Favorite Asher Book?

I agree. This is his very best and I liked the other 2 Spatterjay boks as well.

The Departure just didn't work for me but all the Polity works are enjoyable.
I guess I'd have to say The Skinner. A really complicated, world-building and character-driven extravaganza, to be sure!

I had enjoyed only 'Brass Man' until the latter part of last year when I acquired a proof copy of 'The Departure'. It isn't difficult to take the world as it is now and fast-forward, using the odd worst case scenario, to reach this world as portrayed in the first Owner novel.

I had to read more, so I bought 'Zero Point' in early January. I was quite disappointed to find that what was billed as the first in a 'long-running series' on my 'Departure' proof had now become limited to a trilogy. But I wasn't disappointed by the novel.

In the last couple of weeks I bought:-

Prador Moon
The Skinner
Voyage of the Sable Keech
Shadow of the Scorpion
Line War
Polity Agent
The Technician
The Gabble

I've consumed another three of those and am currently 75% through Hilldiggers.

It is all good stuff, but I'm still favouring the Owner novels.

The author seems to like that old male hobby - blowing **** up. Me, too.

Brass man was my favourite, up until I read the departure. Love that series.
The Technician was a wonderful novel and probably my favourite single novel.

I read the Transformation Trilogy last year. That was a rush. Three superb novels
My favourite Asher book are the ones that don't cost $15 on Amazon
$15? Are you looking at The Warship which is only out in hardcover (the Kindle price always reflects that). It'll probably be the normal $8-9 when it comes out in paperback.
Slight exaggeration but older books are still pricey for me:

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