Dolorous Edd

Ever the optimist
Aug 23, 2005
Wales, UK.
Well my copy arived this morning, which was a pleasant surprise as i had got it into my head it was due out on the 6th. :) Still, it's put a slight spanner in the works as i started re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire a couple of weeks ago with an aim to finish in time for a quick re-read of Shadowmarch (Which i've forgotten virtually everything about :eek:) and then on to the new book.

Anyone else got it?
Wish I did, Shadowmarch was one of the most interesting stories I read in 2006. Looking very forward to the sequel. I think its time to go check my local bookstore today! :)
I bought my copy as soon as it was out on the shelves! I am in the middle of re-reading another series but will make a start on Shadowplay as soon as I can. It looks as if it might be better than Shadowmarch!
Just bought the book and I am about 70 pages into it, so far seems as good or better then the first in this series. I really like this story because of the almost "alien" way the evil appears in it. Scurn the talking crow for instance is very hard to describe but Tad does a wonderful job as usual.