3.18: Submersion


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Jan 5, 2001
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The Atlantis team finds an Ancient underwater research facility and puts a team together to check it out. They believe they may have discovered a power source beneath Atlantis' ocean. Instead they find a Queen Wraith trapped aboard her damaged Hive ship. She takes control of Teyla and almost defeats the team, killing off the two obvious spot-the-red-shirts introduced at the start of the episode. After capturing her they hatch an elaborate bluff and counter-bluff plan to get her to disable the self-destruct system she has operated, and succeed in the final five minutes of the episode.

These episodes have such a formula to them now, I think I could write my own. I'm going to have to, because since I can no longer get Sky One, I'm not going to see any more for some time.


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Mar 7, 2003
I'm going to miss your chats Dave....

As for Atlantis...oh dear...I'm getting that I'm only having them on because it's a habit. I saw the first bit where we find out about the Wraith and Tayla and.....I picked up my book again.

When they killed the Wraith at the end, they didn't even bother to check that she was indeed dead. They just left her there.


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Jun 26, 2002
I can only say what has already been said. There does seem to be a hurried resolution of episodes in the last few minutes. From last weeks good offering to go back to the formula was disappointing.

The quip that McKay made about Sheppard destroying the cruiser after he'd repaired it was pretty good though. The old get ship, lose ship thing that they've got going on getting recognition off the boards!

Like yourself Dave, I can no longer get Sky, so my comments for the series will have to continue some time in the future - like when I get the DVDs!