10.16: Bad Guys


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Jan 5, 2001
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Caught on a planet where they are mistaken for hostage-taking rebels, the team pretend to be volatile “bad guys” as they hold the police at bay while trying to find a way home.

Sky One guideThe SG-1 team find themselves trapped in a museum on a world that has yet to discover the secret of the Stargate. Their plan to wait for Stargate command to send help is cut short when they are discovered and mistaken for a militant group of rebels. As an army builds outside the museum, the team decides to pretend they are in fact the rebels they have been accused of being, and mock up a hostage situation to buy themselves enough time for Stargate Command to rescue them. However, their lives are put at serious risk when the museum's night watchman takes matters into his own hands.


SG1 gates into what they believe is a pyramid tomb, but they are, in fact, inside a museum. They get caught because the DHD is a fake, a prop - a model that looks remarkably like the real thing. However, if in 6 hours they fail to check in, Landry would redial them, they can tell him what went wrong, and he could send a laptop with a power-pack. Only problem is that they don't have 6 hours!

I did wonder why it isn't policy to send a laptop and power pack on every mission if it is so easy. How many times has the DHD got damaged in a shoot out beside the Gate?

They are helped by a museum researcher, Cicero, who has written papers about the Gate being an alien transport device that no one believed - which allows Vala to compare him to Daniel.

I thought that there was too much comedy for the story to be taken seriously. They seem to be playing for laughs now in every episode.

In the end the military leader prefers to bury the truth and have the story that Rebels were defeated by the museum security guard used instead.


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Jun 26, 2002
Once again I found that I spotted the outcome quite early into the show. I also think most of us would have thought of the 'Die Hard' reference long before it was actually mentioned.
This has been one of several episodes this season that has done little more than fill a gap between the story arc episodes. Despite a huge galactic battle going on, this was yet another stand-alone. We learned very little, if anything about our main characters, nothing happened that has proved of any consequence in terms of other events.

I don't know if it's because the series is coming to an end, but it seems as if a lot of the heart has gone out of the writing. I used to enjoy the cultural references, but now because I'm spotting them well in advance, it just isn't as much fun.


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Mar 7, 2003
I had this one on and read T Prtchett at the same time, you knew what was going to happen...there were a couple of daft moments with hostages that made me smile but you're right the heart has gone out of it.

The Die Hard reference..oh please..we knew that.

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