Update on B7 revival tv movie


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Apr 23, 2004
Okay, I have some new information regarding the so-called proposed B7 revival tv movie. The B7 media website has announced that the project is still in development and here is a brief synopsis of the tv movie:

Thirty years ago, Roj Blake and his band of rebel convicts failed to topple the corrupt Federation. History has been rewritten and Nu Earth born – a technological marvel and a beacon of hope in the galaxy.

Christina Tala, a law-enforcer sworn to uphold the ideals of her perfect society, discovers that the technological utopia of Nu Earth is built on the suffering of billions.

Tala unwittingly unravels a conspiracy that reaches the highest echelons of society, the origins of which date back to the time of the original, and legendary, Blake’s 7. She chooses to fight for freedom against tyranny, and a rebellion long thought dead is reborn…

Here is the link which features a brand new Federation logo:


I've just sent an email to B7 media regarding the status of the tv movie and while I have yet to receive a response, the project is still in development. I just hope the tv movie will get produced soon before us fans start losing interest for good. Thoughts?