3.13: Irresponsible


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Jan 5, 2001
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3.13: Irresponsible

The team investigate rumors of an invincible hero off-world, only to find Lucius Lavin again manipulating another hapless village.

Lucius Lavin (played by Richard Kind, introduced in 'Irresistible' and Atlantis' answer to Harry Mudd) has hired an ex-Genii, Haemon, and his soldiers of fortune, to attack his new village home in order to make himself look good when he defeats them. Lucius has an Ancient force-field and uses it to his advantage. When Haemon finds that some of his men have been hurt (one being Fortnum who sustained a broken wrist in a staged brawl with Lucius) and hasn’t been paid the previously agreed sum, he seeks revenge, finding Kolya (Robert Davi) who is consumed with revenge over Sheppard.

Lucius' followers however, are difficult to convince he is not a fake and Amaris sticks by Lucius even after Sheppard reveals that Lucius hired the attackers to make himself look good in the eyes of his followers.

But, there are others in the village who do not believe that Lucius can protect them, including a young woman who develops a plan for the town to protect itself.

I was disappointed to see Lucius again so soon. Even more to see Kolya yet again as the villain. The episode began much like 'Irresistible', developed into a hide and seek, and finally a shoot-out at the OK Corral. The village itself looked fake and Disney world-esque, and that prevented me talking it seriously. There were funny moments, but this was one of the poorest episodes for some time. At least they finally got rid of Kolya. There is no way he can escape being shot dead; something Sheppard should have done a long time ago.


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Jun 26, 2002
I was disappointed by this one, given the quality of previous episodes.
I don't think that this episode really did much, other than get rid of Kolya. I'm sure that Lucius will be used as a comic relief tool in later series if they can get Richard Kind to come back.

In saying that, I was glad to see that there is at least one episode where Dr McKay doesn't save the day. His ego was massaged a bit, but he didn't contribute anything to the story, other than being there. Although we did find out that he likes Batman!

I'm still unsure though of how Lucius managed to use the Ancient shield device since he doesn't, or didn't, have the gene. Then, somehow, Sheppard manages to use it, even though they established in series one that only one person could use it as it imprinted itself to their gentic coding.:confused:
It seems that they need to go back over old episodes before writing the new ones.


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Jun 23, 2006
It was a somewhat funny episode but nothing special. I loved the village though, it was very nicely done! I kinda enjoyed Lucius's stories (mainly because of the "ugh, he's at it again" effect) but I was sorry to see Kolya go. He was a very cool villain. In spite of the fact he was human, he really got me to despise him. Usually in Stargate, Human villains aren't that cool. Kinsey and Kolya are the only ones I can think of.

Good point on the shield device. I think that was how it went, only one person could use it. On the other hand, Lucius had been wearing his for a long time while Rodney wore it for less than two days and the power went off. Could this suggest that Rodney's device had been previously used? And Lucius shouldn't have been able to use the thing because it's not just activating it once that makes it work. You have to use your thoughts and the ATA gene in order to link to the thing's circuits, right? They need to be more consistent with their tech...


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Feb 15, 2007
If Lucias is immune to bullets and being hurt why is he allowing them dunk his head in water, he can't be hurt if he fights them, I suppose maybe he doesn't fight back because he doesn't want any of the villagers to be hurt...