3.11: The Return (II)


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Jan 5, 2001
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Sheppard, Weir, McKay, and the rest of the team attempt to come up with a rescue plan. Part of their plan is to reprogram Niam, an Asuran replicant who was sympathetic to the team at their last encounter. McKay, of course, thinks he's up to the job.

After an attack by the team leaves the control room in shambles, the Replicators work to get the systems back online. Two Replicators, Talus and Cetus, arrive at the holding cell where O'Neill and Woolsey are being kept. The two are forced to their knees for interrogation, as the Replicators plunge their hands into O'Neill and Woolsey's foreheads to probe their minds.


An above average episode, much better than part 1, I thought. The solution as usual only came in the final five minutes.

I would assume that they team could still be court-martial-ed for disobeying a direct order, but I guess they are moving towards a point where Atlantis is no longer under SGC control, when Stargate-SG-1 is no longer airing on TV.


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Mar 7, 2003
Re: 2.11: The Return (II)

Yeah I enjoyed the ep. too, my only annoyance is, as you say, the solution comes at the last minute. I doubt there will be a court-martial...they did save General O'Neill after all.

Who would run Atlantis then?

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Jun 25, 2001
Re: 2.11: The Return (II)

I don't always watch Altantis but did watch this 2 parter - enjoyed it, tho Rodney was as annoying as ever

Wasn't it good to see O'Neill back in the midst of the action, this just showed me exactly why I have gone off Stargate SG1 - for me, the show lacks something without O'Neill.

This just reminds me how much energy RDA brings to the show.

Sorry guys, just my opinion


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Jun 26, 2002
Re: 2.11: The Return (II)

I quite enjoyed this episode, although I have to admit that it seems every problem encountered can be solved in some way by McKay. I know he's the resident genius, but it seems that he has taken on the Wesley Crusher mantle and is saving everyone else at least every second episode by doing something fabulously complex under pressure.
Even where the Atlanteans fail, McKay comes up trumps. Sometimes it can be a bit too convenient.

I reckoned that there would be no court-martial because of O'Neill's previous disregard for orders, plus the fact that they have the rest of the series to go, and the new series to continue.

I liked RDA's involvment in this episode. Good to see him back, even if it is only for a cameo.


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Jan 12, 2007
Re: 2.11: The Return (II)

RDA was on top form here, reminding me of him back before S6, his quips were great. Loved the underwater sequence.

Woolsey cracked me up from his 'I can do this' chant, to the fact that they used him for dis-infomation.

Loved the initial attack on the control room, especially the 'blink-and-you'll-miss-it' squashing of two or three Asurans with the PJ. The scenes of the PJ flying through the city were spectacular, along with the night time shots of the city.

For a second I did think that there was a problem when the 'rewind' started and I do think that was a little bit cheesy. Also the acting of the two main Asurans was wooden to say the least.