Enders Game: The Movie

I don't think there will be a problem with child actors. There are very good actors out there that are kids, we just don't know who they are. Jodie Foster was very good when she was young. Very mature for her age. Also, remember lord of the flies? That whole cast was kids.

Everyone does not want it to be a disapointment I understand, but neither do the director or the author.

Name a movie that was better than the book. People WILL be dissapointed.
I agree Shrub. I dont think there is a single movie that I liked better than the book but then again while reading, we create how it should look in our own minds, and when you've for years thought a character should look this way and then its not the same, who wouldn't be a bit disappointed?
Any updates on the movie, like what month the movie will be released?
I hope it is just a rumour.

I finished Ender's Game not too long ago and thought I would come poking around...
I finally got around to watching this last night. I quite enjoyed it, but i couldn't help thinking that by trying to be so loyal to the book they ended up just glossing over too much and that the movie suffered for it.

Pretty good sound track and it did look great.
I have watched it three times in a row!
Sooo good!
Hesitantly, I will say that this is a good film. But you have to tough it out to the last third… which will obviously be too much for some. The problem is that the first half of the movie is very formulaic and we just don’t identify with/sympathise with/care about the lead character. There’s nothing to like about the kid called ‘Ender’. This is a major problem – and no fault of the actor in question. It’s just poor script-writing. However, once the larger storyline starts moving along, a sinister theme is introduced. That Ender might be on the ‘wrong’ side. He is being manipulated by maniacs looking to perpetrate a genocide of the type they say was inflicted upon humankind in the past. The film DOES get there in the end. But I’m not sure every viewer is going to get there.
A J, I actually got that impression from the book too. I didn't find Ender particularly likeable or relatable. I don't feel like this is an issue specific to the movie. I think the value of the story is in the nature of Ender's upbringing and the values of those around him. The movie condenses the years since they use the same child actors throughout, rather than showing Ender growing up. But for how it was written, I think they did a good job at portraying the story.
In the opening of the book, the reader sympathises - rather than empathises - with Ender, due to him being very unfairly treated at the start. It's a common literary device.
A good adaptation and a very enjoyable fim. (y)
It was a decent adaptation. I would say with another 10 to 15 minutes of content, they could've fleshed out some areas of training and team building, and advancement, that seemed lacking which were so vital to the book.

Not a great movie, but worth seeing for sure.
I enjoyed the movie more the second time around.
Maybe I'll get it on DVD and watch it again, or if it shows up on Netflix or something. Like with you, Rodders, the 2nd viewing could be more enjoyable.

It used to be available at Netflix ( at least in Brazil ) but I have not checked it lately because Netflix removes titles periodically.
It used to be available at Netflix ( at least in Brazil ) but I have not checked it lately because Netflix removes titles periodically.
Thanks. I will check around Christmas when I have time off. You're right, in that Netflix adds and removes titles on a regular basis.

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