Mieville Recommends...

It wasn't (just) intuition on my part, tsw (if I may call you that). After reading Perdido Street Station (I managed to read the books in the order they were written, for once), I was impressed and so I googled Mr Miéville to see what else he'd written; I discovered his political leanings during that process.
The Master and Margarita - total piffle, in my opinion. Typical case of an author who has not taken the trouble to limit fantasy and magical powers, just allowing his magician (the devil, in this case) to thrash about, together with a lot of tiresome jokes about politicians whose main claim to fame is as butt of Bulgakov's tiresome jokes. It started well, and I liked the Pontius Pilate business, but it all collapsed in a heap about two thirds through. I think the Kremlin showed good judgement in banning it.

What d'you think? Did I overstate my case?
No. I quite agree with your characteristic of The Master and Margarita.

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