New Novella on the Way!


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Jun 4, 2006
PS Publishing have confirmed that Steven Erikson is writing a third Korbal Broach and Bauchelain novella for them, following on from Blood Follows and The Healthy Dead. The Lees of Laughter's End will be published in 'early' 2007 and will follow on from the events of Blood Follows.
looking forward to it I have just finished healthy dead and I have to say some of that book was so funny. Just too short didn't want it to end, is he only writing 3 Korbal Broach and Bauchelain novella
I've put in an order for Korbal Broach and Bauchelain collected stories VOL I from PS Publishing that collects the first 3 novellas for a reasonable price.
Yeah, the collected edition is probably the best bet for a cheap way to get them :) They're not as good as the main books, but still fun, and have some interesting additions to the world background too. Mancy is a great character.
I just got round to reading this trilogy. 'twas a good fun read. Definitely more humourous and slapstick than the main series. But it works quite well separated from the usual novels. The first story is easily the best. It retains some darkness and mystery. The 2nd and 3rd aren't as good. The second has some base laughs and the 3rd is somewhat of a satire. But still very readable and brilliantly described. I don't get the sense of Bauchelain being so evil as he sometimes described.
There've been three more Bauchelain and Korbal Broach novellas since then :) I wasn't so keen on Crack'd Pot Trail but loved The Wurms of Blearmouth. I've yet to read The Fiends of Nightmaria.
I saw that Crack'd Pot Trail had some stinking reviews. The Wurms does look worth a read.
I saw that Crack'd Pot Trail had some stinking reviews. The Wurms does look worth a read.

Yeah, CPT was a little bit too clever for its own good. An interesting writing experiment is the most generous thing I can say about it.

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