I Rock!!:d

Rane Longfox

Red Rane
Jul 30, 2004
I have it!!! signed limited edition copy of Iron Council. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I don't know, I'm skint and don't have a decent graphics program. I'll try;)

Its good, though I shudder whenever I remind myself of the price. Together with Rome Total War, this was a bad day money wise:(

edit: hmm, thats a bit smaller... better?
I have got this book on order, though mine won't be signed :p

The most important thing though, is how is it, what's the book like :D
I've only read the first chapter, which is quite short, and its very good so far:D

I keep putting it back in it's box and taking it out again like a little kid, I'm kinda sad like that;)
Cal: Would you care to share a review of the book when you are done? I've already posted one here, and I've been thinking it would be great for us to have alternate reviews of the same book by different people .

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