Favourite moment in an Eddings novel?


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Oct 26, 2006
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What are your favourite moments in any of David Eddings' novels?
In my opinion, for drama you can't beat the scene in Enchanter's End Game, just after Durnik's death, when Belgarath fights Zedar. Another good moment is when Sparhawk and the others hurry to free Ehlana just as the Cyrgai change the guard.
My other favourite moments include Polgara/Durnik's wedding and the discovery of the Bhelliom.
Oh, and any scene with Kalten in it. His character is so funny!
i'll agree with Kalten moments... Especially the moment in the tamuli...last book i think... where he's the only one who can snap sephrenia out of her melancholy...
Also when Garion and Adara discuss how much he loves polgara...

Personally i don't much like the Zedar/Belgarath fight. Zedar was treated very poorly. He had to defend himself against Durnik after all - who attacked him without provocation or cause... and since durnik was so strong sorcery was the only way to do it, and it killed the stupid smith - one of my most loathed characters i must add...
I must admit, Durnik does seem like a pointless character. In the whole of the Belgariad, all he does is follow the group around, being 'normal', and is only useful to Polgara as a memory. Still, without him, the quest to destroy Torak would have failed...
Thinking about it, I remember liking the Belgarath/Zedar fight for the way it was written, rather than the content or the outcome. I agree about the Garion/Adara moments, too.
Many moments feel like Eddings is just trying too hard, and they come off forced and unnatural - or going completely against character. However some moments are totally beautiful and memorable, such as Beldin and Vella flying off. That one caught me off guard, and still mists the eyes.
When Alean in the Tamuli tells of her abuse and Kalten casually state that when they get back the Count won't see that sunset. He then went on to tell how he would get the Count to accept his challenge, stuff like cutting his ears of and such.
Beldin and Vella flying away was wonderfull.....Silks reaction when he finds out where Velvet keeps Zith...priceless and the end of the books when Polgara's twins are born.....*sniff!!*
For me it was the confrontation of Silk and Brill in Magician's Gambit when Silk throws Brill over the parapet. Belgarath asks Silk what happened to his opponent and the conversation progressed something like:

Silk - "The last time I looked I believe he was trying to learn to fly"
Belgarath - "Really? How was he doing?"
*Sound of distant crash*
Silk - "Does bouncing count?"

That so cracked me up the first time I read it. (I guess with my obsession with learning to fly in the RAF at the time, it had special meaning) So much so that every time I've re-read it since, I have a fond smile and remember the first time. :)
I have a few, but I LOVE the moment at the Cherek embassy in Tol Honeth;

Embassy Guard; "How do I know you're his cousin ?"
Barak reaches through the bars and lifts the poor guy up bodily with one hand.
"Of course My Lord of Trellheim, now that we're closer, I recognise your face."

I first read the books when I was 14, so not a good emotional age, and I remember falling to pieces when Garion made Adara's rose. It's a well-written piece, and really captures the emotional range of a 15 year-old girl (i.e, SHALLOW!)

As a more mature woman (mwahahahaha!) I like the way Zakath's written. He has depth, and humour, and pain, and he likes cats. 'Nuff said!
Come to think of it, I love the parts in the Tamuli when Mirtai/Stragen/Melidere are talking about defenestration!:) Those bits always makes me smile.
Where Sephrenia was seperating herself from the group after being duped by whatshisname and Kalten decided the best way to talk to her was via a bear hug... after using his own brand of 'magic' on the door :)

And where Sparhawk gets into an argument about a pet whale in the royal bedroom and ends up leaving with his ego in tatters and talking to the teadybear he's carrying out.
When Garion made the rose for Adara? can't remember how it's spelled. That was beautiful. Another one, is when Garion was still small, and he was asking Polgara why she won't marry Dunik or something like that, and Polgara became so anoyed, then Garion said something like "never mind Aunt Pol, when I grow up, I'll marry you!" Got to laugh at that.
When Garion and Silk meet - Silk has just been posing as Prince Kheldar in Mallorea somewhere.

Garion realises that Prince Kheldar is also one of Silk's many chars and asks "who is the real Silk?"

and he replies - "Dunno, I think I lost him long time ago.."

Sniff - wipes away a tear..
Baraks hillarious discription of Garions fight with the boar, classic. Also when Garion, Polgara and Ce'Nedra went back to Faldors farm, Garions realisation that he wouldn't ever be going back was quite moving.
When they are sneaking about to get to the place that is no more and find out Silk has his own private army then goes about inspecting them.

When CNedra finds out Durnik can turn things to gold and asks him for a small example but he dont do it saying it would be too heavy

When Silks reputation goes before him and someone recognises him as the richest man in all the world!

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